The garden irrigation system, your garden’s best friend


A sufficient water supply is essential if you want to safeguard the health of the plants of your garden. Usually, rain does not provide enough water to maintain gardens, especially if the garden consists of plants that are not indigenous. Many garden owners spend a substantial amount of time watering their gardens and most of them carry out the task manually. However, this trend is gradually becoming unpopular as modern technology has made it possible for the task to be automated. Garden watering can be automated by installing garden irrigation systems.

Benefits of garden irrigation systems

Installing a garden irrigation system prevents the wastage of water as it ensures that all vital areas of the garden receive water evenly. On the contrary, manual irrigation often results in massive water wastage because of runoffs. Runoffs usually occur as it is impossible to control the amount of water while manually watering the garden, making some areas more water-saturated than others. A garden irrigation system saves money and time as everything is automated, programmed and timed. The automation of systems, combined with the rain sensors, ensures that every drop of water is used only when necessary. Furthermore, garden irrigation systems prevent weed growth as water is efficiently used. Finally, they ensure the preservation of soil structure and nutrients by preventing water runoffs that causes soil leaching.

How to choose the ideal system

The best garden irrigation system is the one that meets the needs of your garden. It may seem obvious, but it’s not so easy to choose the ideal one for your garden, as there are various systems available on the market today, ranging from sprinklers to drip systems. Atelier Dimensione Verde is specialized in installing garden irrigation systems and has a team of specialists that will identify and install the system that best suits the needs of your garden.

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