Swimming pool designers for a unique garden


In order to create a top-class garden with swimming pool, you have to take into consideration many factors. Elements such as the best plants for the location, the right colours, pool depth and design, everything contributes to the character and personality of a garden. A space in which you can relax by the water deserves a truly unique design that takes into consideration the customer and their needs, as well as their wishes for the ideal pool area. Options are unlimited when you let your imagination go, and anything becomes possible with the right team to coordinate the project. Over the years, we have designed and installed swimming pools for private houses, villas and hotels. Visit our site to see some of our best works!

Types of design

Depending upon the size of the space, a variety of shapes and dimensions of the pool will be available. The rectangular shape is the most used, but you can choose other solutions, such as the angular pool or even custom designs that can conform to a non-standard space. If you want something more original, you can opt for a kidney-shaped pool or even a heart-shaped design. For a more classic look, you can choose a standard pool which combines cement with natural stone, marble slab, and other finishing touches.

A team of swimming pool designers

A swimming pool designer is able to design and install the perfect pool for your garden. Be it a classic pool, or a modern one with more angles and curves, our expert team will plan, design and install the best solution for your garden. Thanks to years of expertise, we can interpret your ideas and turn them into reality by creating a wonderful garden with pool. Would you like to have more information? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be happy to answer you!

Topiary art at home


Topiary is a landscaping design concept in which specific plants and trees are sculpted into pleasing arrangements without harm to the vegetation. It is considered both an art and a design concept. This activity takes a lot of patience and work; a designer must train the plant, shrub, or ornamental tree and guide its growth while clipping off parts which do not match with the desired design. The result is amazingly beautiful when seen in a home garden. Evergreen plants are the most used to create topiary art. You can use both existing, hardy shrubs or new plants, guiding them as they grow using metal topiary shapes.

Types of trees for topiary art

Several types of trees and shrubs can be used in topiary, depending on the area. The Grecian Laurel is a tree which grows slowly but can attain heights of 40 feet. Its leaves are oval in shape and leathery, with little yellow flowers in spring that are followed soon after by purple fruits. The Grecian Laurel is very tolerant of aggressive pruning and is easy to form into cones or globe shapes. An ornamental topiary tree can be made from the Thuja Pilcata, which comes in smaller varieties, ideal for decks and entryways. Some species of holly, such as the Yaupon Holly, have soft leaves with smooth tips for easier trimming. They are great for the winter season, and work well in shady spots.

Shrubs for topiary

Topiary art can be made from shrubs such as the Myrtle. This shrub grows lots of flowers towards the end of summertime, and the plant can be clipped into various shapes and ornamental looks. The Bay Laurel is very responsive to pruning, which makes it another good topiary plant. By pruning, a Bay Laurel can retain the desired shape and size. Then there is the privet, which is one of the most common plants used for topiary. These are semi-evergreen shrubs, and can be use to create privacy hedges and topiary arrangements.

Home garden design, a job with the customer in mind


When we start planning the best garden design for a house, we always have our customers in mind. Before we start drawing up a plan for the location, it is very important for us to know our clients’ personality, what they like and don’t like, their hobbies and their interests. Each time we design a successful home garden, it is because we have started by considering the customer. Knowing the picture each client has inside his or her mind regarding what the final product will look like is a fundamental part of our work. Sometimes, descriptions do not tell us what the customer really wishes. That is why taking time to listen to the client is the key.

Home garden design: unleash the potential of your house

What we strive to know is how each person in the house will use the green space. Once we have figured it out, we start considering which kind of plants and vegetation will be the most appropriate for the space. In order to find this out, we analyze the unique attributes of each house, such as shade and sun, the ph level of the soil, the mineral content of the soil, yearly temperatures, the amount of precipitation and other factors. Putting all this information into our plan for the space ensures a successful garden as well as a comfortable outdoor area. It is more than landscape planning, it is a process of bringing to life the best potential of each house.

The importance of details

Home garden design may incorporate simplicity and beauty or even something more detailed and elegant. There are also traditional features that can be added to a home garden in order to give it a unique look. Consulting with the customer regarding their wishes for the space will often illuminate which new features may be added, and even on occasion become the focal point for the entire design.

Outdoor lighting systems, why they are important


If you want to spend some time outdoors with friends and family, you will need an adequate lighting system to illuminate the garden. If you are planning to relax in your green corner in the evening, placing a spotlight in the yard will help to enhance the appeal of the landscape. Landscape lighting is an excellent way to showcase both flower gardens and planting areas. Lighting on outdoor structures creates pleasant splashes of light on the garden. There is a variety of outdoor lighting designs to choose from in the market. In order to find the best solution for your green space, it is important to consider the light you need and how it is going to be used.

Safety and comfort with outdoor lighting systems

A lighting system can enhance the safety of your garden in different ways. Installing some lights on the walkways, for example, helps you walk in the garden at night. The more the lights you install, the safer the outdoor area in your home. Outdoor lighting systems ensure great comfort, too. As a matter of fact, they are the perfect solution if you want to extend the living areas of your house. If your house has a patio with a seating, adding attractive lighting can make the area habitable even when the sun goes down. You can use a combination of up lights and light fixtures to enhance the outdoor décor of your house.

Light up your garden!

Our company can design and install beautiful exterior lighting systems which are perfect to illuminate your home, garden or backyard. We offer a great choice of lighting designs in different styles, from antique to contemporary. Visit our website for more information!