Garden maintenance services: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde!


Getting the kind of garden you’ve always dreamed of requires the expertise of a company with years of experience in the field. If you choose our company for your garden landscaping project, you can also opt for our garden maintenance services. Our staff will take care of your garden so that it will be always beautiful, year after year. Over time, due to seasonal changes, every garden needs regular maintenance to keep looking good and healthy. As a matter of fact, while your garden may look wonderfully verdant in the spring and summer months, as winter advances it will need work. Sweeping up fallen leaves and picking up dead flowers is something that has to be done every year, which is why we offer our customers a maintenance programme.

Garden maintenance services and organic products

As gardening experts, we know how important it is to look after the earth and to treat it with proper respect, which is why we only use organic products in the making and upkeep of your garden. The products that we use do respect the earth’s natural processes, which means that we avoid using harsh sprays and soil additives. At Atelier Dimensione Verde we have the knowledge and the equipment that is needed for the proper maintenance of your garden. If you want your green space to remain at its best over time, then you need proper maintenance services.

A service tailored to your needs

We recognize that gardens are as unique as their owners, which is why we study garden maintenance services that are appropriate to our clients’ particular needs. A garden needs constant maintenance all over the year, for example replacing annual plants in the early spring and pruning the roses towards the end of summer, as well as cutting the grass and tidying up the garden at the end of autumn.

An indoor vertical garden, why not?


Indoor vertical gardens are growing in popularity, as they are a modern and innovative way of having a green area inside a house or a business. An indoor garden is an original way of using plants and flowers as a part of the design of a space, a nice and intelligent solution that gives a sense of peace and well-being. Our company has a great experience in garden design: over the years, we have created many indoor wall gardens for businesses and private homes.

Things to consider

It needs to be understood that having an indoor vertical garden installed in your home or business means regular attention and maintenance. Behind that glorious, colorful facade, there is a lot going on. A well designed vertical garden is comprised of complicated plant-friendly lighting and water irrigation systems. Furthermore, the garden will need various nutrients and constant maintenance in order to keep looking beautiful. If you choose Atelier Dimensione Verde for your indoor garden, you can also opt for our maintenance service, that ensures your garden will always look at its best.

Indoor vertical garden, ideal for businesses

Businesses, especially places like shops and restaurants, will likely find that an indoor garden encourages more visitors and potential customers. As an example of how an indoor garden can have a positive impact on a business, you can see on this article a picture of one of our projects, a wonderful vertical garden with fountain that we created for a restaurant in Santa Croce square in Florence. The indoor garden has become an attraction for customers and a distinguishing feature of the restaurant. If you are willing to have more information about our company, you can visit our website, where you will also find pictures of many other gardens that we have created over the years.

Garden care tips for a healthy garden



Gardening is the activity of seeding and nurturing the plants and the lawn. In gardening, ornamental plants are mostly grown for their foliage and their flowers. A fundamental part of gardening is garden care, something that should be carried out daily with passion and dedication. It is not a case if many people consider garden care as an art. This is true, since one cannot get gardening done right without following some vital tips on how to take care of the garden. If you are willing to get some valuable tips on gardening, our blog is the right place for you! In this post, we are going to give you some important advices that will help you taking care of your garden.


Mulching is a simple garden care activity that is carried out to protect trees from wounds caused by the mower. Mulch protects the plants of your yard at the area around the roots. With mulching, the exposed roots of the plants in the garden will not be damaged. Mulching involves creating a 2-4 inch layer of shredded bark or wood chips that protects the roots, creating a good growing environment. Some people may opt to plant grass around the trunk of the tree. However, mulching is preferred to grass, since unlike mulch, grass increases competition for water and nutrients for the plant.

Garden care: using ground cover and healthy grass

Ground cover easily softens rock features and patios in the garden and controls erosion on slopes. This can be achieved by killing existing vegetation and leaving it in the slopes to stabilize the bank in a sloppy garden, thus serving as mulch. You can then simply plant the grass through the dead material. Another layer of shredded bark or mulch is added to reduce weed and conserve moisture for the growing plants. The ground cover then becomes well established and helps solve landscape problems. Nutrient-stressed lawns are a breeding ground for weeds. Therefore, one needs to establish a healthy lawn to eliminate weeds in the garden. This is done by testing the soil of your lawn to see the type and quantity of fertilizer needed. Proper fertilization improves the health of the lawn, and grass can compete effectively to crowd weeds out without necessarily using a lot of weed killers.

The garden maze: combine fun and beauty!


Ornamental gardening combines different aspects of art and nature to come up with visually appealing landscapes. A garden maze is created using topiary techniques that involve shaping shrubs and small trees by clipping them. The hedges are designed so that they follow simple shapes that are intertwined to form a long puzzle-like hedge. The technique originated from Greece and spread to Rome where it was used to decorate the gardens of old Roman villas and castles. Mazes evolved from knot gardens that were very common in Renaissance Europe.

Beauty and fun

Mazes often combine beauty with fun. However, the initial purpose of mazes was not to confuse people but to provide boggling paths for strollers. A garden maze facilitates fun activities that involve solving the puzzle and finding specific points by following its pathway. The tantalizing game consists in finding an elusive central place or the entrance to the villa with some of the paths leading to dead ends. Observation towers or bridges are located at different spots, to help visitors find the path they have to follow. It is possible for people to get lost while trying to find their way out. The person who finds the exit first is the winner.

The garden maze – achieving natural beauty

Mazes depict a taste of class and civilized life that are often associated with the proprietors of villas and castles. From an aerial view they are really stunning, green puzzles that follow particular shapes. Mazes, therefore, create an amazing view that can be enjoyed from elevated spots such as the top of a villa or the window of a castle. At times, some of the shapes enclose beautiful flowers that help improve the appearance of the entire garden. The perfect trimming enhances the mazes by integrating an artificial aspect to the natural glance.

Landscape architecture design for your garden



Atelier Dimensione Verde is a landscape architecture design company whose main aim is to design beautiful landscape settings to help customers realize the full potential of their property. Thanks to our experience in landscape design, we are able to create the perfect garden for each client, according to their needs.

Landscape architecture design for your garden

Our lives are hectic due to the relentless demands of our busy work schedule. After a busy day at work, we need a proper environment that calms the mind and allows full restoration of our energy levels. Our homes and outdoor spaces are suited to fulfill these needs, but sadly, most of them do not. The question is: do you want to make the most out of your garden? If the answer is yes, we will be happy to help you plan a vibrant and diverse landscape setting for your home and then provide you with the technical know-how that is necessary to bring your environment to life. Upgrading the landscape of your home by developing outdoor spaces for entertainment and relaxing is a great way of increasing the home’s value.


Design options

There are many landscape architecture design options you can consider when upgrading your backyard, front yard or the entire piece of land. In the backyard, we can develop an area for the entertainment of friends and family. This area can also include an outdoor kitchen and a pool. We can also develop a garden that attracts wildlife, allowing you to reflect and relax. In the front yard, we can create a beautiful walkway or an eco-friendly garden. The possibilities are endless due to our limitless creativity. Our landscape design services are perfect for clients who are planning on creating their dream gardens. We use our passion and our expertise to create a design that meets all the needs. We also offer solutions for older gardens that are beginning to look outdated and out of place to make them good as new. The pictures in this post show one of our projects, a wonderful garden for a villa in the hills near Florence.