An indoor vertical garden, why not?


Indoor vertical gardens are growing in popularity, as they are a modern and innovative way of having a green area inside a house or a business. An indoor garden is an original way of using plants and flowers as a part of the design of a space, a nice and intelligent solution that gives a sense of peace and well-being. Our company has a great experience in garden design: over the years, we have created many indoor wall gardens for businesses and private homes.

Things to consider

It needs to be understood that having an indoor vertical garden installed in your home or business means regular attention and maintenance. Behind that glorious, colorful facade, there is a lot going on. A well designed vertical garden is comprised of complicated plant-friendly lighting and water irrigation systems. Furthermore, the garden will need various nutrients and constant maintenance in order to keep looking beautiful. If you choose Atelier Dimensione Verde for your indoor garden, you can also opt for our maintenance service, that ensures your garden will always look at its best.

Indoor vertical garden, ideal for businesses

Businesses, especially places like shops and restaurants, will likely find that an indoor garden encourages more visitors and potential customers. As an example of how an indoor garden can have a positive impact on a business, you can see on this article a picture of one of our projects, a wonderful vertical garden with fountain that we created for a restaurant in Santa Croce square in Florence. The indoor garden has become an attraction for customers and a distinguishing feature of the restaurant. If you are willing to have more information about our company, you can visit our website, where you will also find pictures of many other gardens that we have created over the years.

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