Garden maintenance services: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde!


Getting the kind of garden you’ve always dreamed of requires the expertise of a company with years of experience in the field. If you choose our company for your garden landscaping project, you can also opt for our garden maintenance services. Our staff will take care of your garden so that it will be always beautiful, year after year. Over time, due to seasonal changes, every garden needs regular maintenance to keep looking good and healthy. As a matter of fact, while your garden may look wonderfully verdant in the spring and summer months, as winter advances it will need work. Sweeping up fallen leaves and picking up dead flowers is something that has to be done every year, which is why we offer our customers a maintenance programme.

Garden maintenance services and organic products

As gardening experts, we know how important it is to look after the earth and to treat it with proper respect, which is why we only use organic products in the making and upkeep of your garden. The products that we use do respect the earth’s natural processes, which means that we avoid using harsh sprays and soil additives. At Atelier Dimensione Verde we have the knowledge and the equipment that is needed for the proper maintenance of your garden. If you want your green space to remain at its best over time, then you need proper maintenance services.

A service tailored to your needs

We recognize that gardens are as unique as their owners, which is why we study garden maintenance services that are appropriate to our clients’ particular needs. A garden needs constant maintenance all over the year, for example replacing annual plants in the early spring and pruning the roses towards the end of summer, as well as cutting the grass and tidying up the garden at the end of autumn.

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