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If you have a garden you know that it is essential to keep it healthy. As a matter of fact, just like humans, gardens need to be nourished the right way, avoiding products that will harm the soil, the plants and the flowers. Choosing the right products is of utmost importance for the health of your garden. Organic garden products are a great option, because they give plants all the nutrients they need without damaging the soil. Organic products are of vegetable origin and they are a precious help for plants and flowers.

Organic garden products: why you should use them

At Atelier Dimensione Verde we use organic products because they maintain the soil healthy. The soil has a complex mixture of bacteria, fungi and worms. All these creatures play a key role in recycling nutrients that keep plants healthy. By using organic fertilizers, you will nurture these hard working creatures that are essential for the soil. On the contrary, non-organic and synthetic fertilizers harm the soil, as they create salts that affect the soil and the plants’ roots. That is why you should always choose an organic option when looking for garden care products.

Benefits on the plants

By using organic garden products for your garden, you won’t have to worry about chemical residues on your plants. Organic fertilizers give the plant a complete food source that contains micro and macro nutrients that you don’t find in synthetic fertilizers. As a company, we use organic products because they do not damage the ecosystem nor the human body: you and your children can play in a garden that is 100% safe. If you want to know more about the organic products we use for our maintenance services you can contact us: an expert will give you all the information you need.

Garden design company: discover our work at Villa Le Balze

Garden design company

Every garden is unique and deserves the best in order to be always luxuriant. If you love your garden and you want it to always look at its best, then Atelier Dimensione Verde is the garden design company for you. Whether it is a classic or a modern garden, our experienced staff knows exactly what is needed to get the best results. We can either work on a classic garden design or we can develop a personalized project starting from your ideas. Our mission is to create gardens that amaze, green areas that make an impression and give a sense of peace.

The garden of Villa Le Balze

As a garden design company with years of experience in the field, we have worked with passion on countless projects. As an example, you can see in the pictures on this post the garden of Villa Le Balze. The astonishing garden which surrounds the villa, seat of the Georgetown University, needed some maintenance. Thanks to our expertise the historical park in now in perfect shape.

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Your garden design company

Our company can create gardens for residential homes and commercial buildings in different styles. For instance, we often design summer gardens, which offer long blooming and easy to grow plants such as daylilies. Another option is the water garden, a lovely green space with a water pond and tropical plants for a beautiful and stunning view. Our gardens add beauty to homes and commercial buildings by adding a wealth of colour. If you want the garden of your dreams, contact us by visiting our website. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can ask for a free estimate and then, if you choose our company, we will immediately start working on your project with a specific idea in mind: to turn your garden wishes into reality!

Landscape planning: getting the best out of nature

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The conservation of natural resources and the need to conciliate the various land uses are the core focuses of the art of landscape planning. This activity includes landscape design projects on both small-scale and large-scale basis. Planners implement landscaping projects within an agreed duration and depending on the specifications of the customer. Landscaping ensures that green spaces are safe from potential damage due to human activities. This art allows landowners to have their environments changed according to their wishes and, at the same time, helps them get the best out of their land.

How do landscapers work?

Landscape planning experts identify different natural resources that can be coordinated to bring about multi-functional effects to the environment. The planning phase makes it possible for the designers to take decisions before initiating the project. Thanks to planning, landscapers can identify and implement viable concepts for a project. This phase is very important and can save a great amount of time and resources, because it avoids unreasonable landscaping decisions that would later cause serious problems. Planning also ensures that natural resources are conserved while the aesthetic value of land is enhanced.

Landscape planning experts

Our company, Atelier Dimensione Verde, is among the industry leaders in terms of offering an array of landscaping services at both domestic and commercial levels. These include planning, design and installation as well as professional gardening advices. Our highly experienced staff formulates unique ideas and professionally coordinates the projects in order to offer the best landscaping services to our clients. We also provide landscape maintenance services to our customers, to ensure that the installation will always maintain its high-quality design and appearance. Last but not least, we also give our clients useful tips to help them taking care of their garden, so that the exquisite designs attained with our work will last for a long time, even without professional maintenance services. All the landscaping services are offered at affordable prices to ensure that nature lovers can access them and enjoy the many benefits of landscaping.

Garden fountain design made easy

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Decorating your garden can be a rewarding way to personalize that green space that surrounds your house, where you can relax after a hard day at work. Often a place of relaxation and restoration, a garden is a thing of beauty. If you are willing to decorate your garden with something unique and extremely fascinating, then you should consider garden fountain design. As a matter of fact, having a fountain in a garden enhances the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by nature. Listening to the water falling down from the top of the fountain is extremely relaxing. On a very hot day, while wandering through your garden, you can even splash yourself with some water from your fountain. What better way to celebrate life?

A great choice

Some of the fountains you can find in gardens resemble natural ponds, while others are more decorated, with water pouring forth from statues into a little pool. You can choose a classic style, or you can dare a little bit more and imitate famous fountains that you have seen in films or, why not, in your friends’ gardens! As you can see, in garden fountain design the only limit is your imagination!

Garden fountain design: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

To add a touch of class and sophistication to your garden project, consider hiring an expert. Atelier Dimensione Verde offers you a trained staff that puts passion and expertise in gardening and garden design to create amazing green areas. We offer our clients our extended knowledge of what looks great for their garden and which plants and fountains do work best. You will only have to bring your ideas and imagination! If you are willing to know more about our company, you can check out our works and get in contact with us by visiting our website!