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English landscape garden, let’s discover it!

English landscape garden - Atelierdimensioneverde.com

Often we hear people talking about the English landscape garden. This particular kind of garden is well-known because it awakens all those deep emotions that lie within us. However, even if we can guess what may be the main characteristics of such a garden by having a walk and observing the details and hues that this space offers, just some of us really know what are the main features of an English garden. Knowing the distinguishing features of English gardens is really important and fascinating, whether you are willing to create a private garden or you are just a garden enthusiast. This post will highlight some of the main features of the English garden, so that you will be able to clearly distinguish it when you see one!

Nature expresses itself freely

Born in the XVIII Century, the English landscape garden is very different from the Italian garden, which is characterized by geometrical shapes and subdivisions of the space, thus giving the idea of regularity and symmetry. On the contrary, the English garden wants to convey that idea of spontaneity and naturalness which is typical of a pristine landscape. There are no regular, geometrical shapes nor topiary and plant sculptures: in the English garden nature is the main character and it is not limited to a regular structure. Nature is free to express itself following its own rules.

English landscape garden: natural yet artificial

The fact that the English garden favours a spontaneous nature without impositions should not trick us. The unspoilt aspect of the green space is actually artificial and is the result of the work of an expert, who organizes the landscape by studying the best solution for the space. The green area is embellished with streams, small caves, bushes and other decorations. In conclusion, English gardens are the perfect example of how the passion and expertise of a garden professional can create a work of art that is artificial, but seems pure and pristine at our eyes. If you want more information about English gardens or our services, you can contact us, an expert will be happy to answer you!

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