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Modern pool by

Today we are happy to introduce you one of our projects. We are very proud of this work, and that’s why we have decided to write a post about it: in the picture you can see a wonderful modern pool that we have designed and installed in a park of an ancient castle in the Chianti Valley in Tuscany. The whole project, from planning to the installation of the pool, has been carried out by our experienced staff with passion and attention to detail, in order to create a landscape which perfectly fits into the space.

Colours and emotions

This wonderful modern pool is made almost in its entirety of Belgian stone, a material which is well-known for its quality and resistance. With this material we have created both the edges and the pool itself. In order to enrich the space with beautiful hues and different colour shades, we have put some aquatic plants on the borders of the pool. By doing so, we managed to enhance the scene with some awesome chromatic combinations that merge with water creating an evocative and highly emotional atmosphere. The pool lies by an old wall with big windows. From the inside the view is outstanding: nature mixes perfectly with the architecture of the pool and leaves you speechless.

Modern pool: maintenance is fundamental

As you can guess from the picture, this pool is a little jewel that lies in a place where history and nature meet. The modern design of the pool mixes perfectly with the ancient castle and the historical park: the result is really unique and highly fascinating, something special that lets you travel with your imagination. However, if you don’t take care of it, beauty will not last in time. In order to make it last, regular maintenance is necessary, with particular regard to the pool. We offer complete maintenance services, too. Our experienced staff takes care of the pool and the garden, so that the landscape will always look at its best, exactly as you can see in the picture! If you are willing to know more about our projects, just have a look at the Portfolio section on our website! If you want more information, do not hesitate and contact us now!

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