Landscape contractor – why you should hire one

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Do you know who a landscape contractor is and what he or she does? A landscape contractor is a gardening professional with great experience in garden design, planning and maintenance. The landscape contractor is an expert in garden creation with a deep knowledge and expertise, which allows he or she to add value to any space. If you hire a landscape contractor, an expert will work hard to turn your ideas into a beautiful garden. Many times we imagine something beautiful, but then we are not able to reproduce it. More often than not, turning our ideas into reality is an extremely difficult task, because we do not possess enough expertise. This is true for gardens, too. Dreaming of a wonderful garden is very easy, but creating it… well, that’s another story! The landscape contractor is the kind of expert you need in order to create that garden you have been dreaming of for so long!

Hiring an expert team

The landscape contractor often works in a garden design company together with a team of gardening experts. Hiring such a company is a great idea: the whole team will work on your project and will take care of each phase, from planning to the creation of the garden. Furthermore, maintenance service is also available. As a matter of fact, once the garden is finished, it will need maintenance in order to always look good and healthy. Regular maintenance ensures that your garden will always be at its best.

Landscape contractor: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

If you are looking for a team of experts to help you turn your ideas into reality and create a garden that will embellish your house, choose Atelier Dimensione Verde. We are an Italian company based in Florence with a great experience in garden creation. Over the years, we have worked on countless projects, that’s why we are the perfect company for you!

Get rid of weed: some garden care tips

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If you have a garden you know that weeds are very hard to eradicate. They grow in your garden, spoiling its beauty and damaging it. As a matter of fact, weeds deprive the other plants of the nutrients that are fundamental for their growth, that’s why they should be eradicated. If you garden is full of weeds do not worry! There are many solutions that will quickly solve the problem. Let’s see how to get rid of weed with some garden care tips!

There’s no need to use weedkillers!

If you are willing to know how to get rid of weed, it’s probably because you noticed that your garden is already full of unwanted plants that are threatening your green space. One of the characteristics of weeds is that they spread not only in the garden, but also in walkways. Using weedkillers may seem the easiest solution if you want to get rid of weeds, but are we sure that this is actually the best way to solve the problem? If it is true that herbicides do kill weeds fast, it is also true that if we use them for a long period of time we can harm the soil. Furthermore, new weeds will be more and more resistant to weedkillers, and so it will be more difficult to eradicate them.

How to get rid of weed without using herbicides

If your garden has so much weeds that it is impossible to eradicate them manually, you can opt for other solutions that will give you good results without having to use weedkillers. As an example, you can cover the soil with different materials. By doing so, you will kill weeds by depriving them of sunlight and, at the same time, you won’t let new weed to grow. This technique is called mulching and it will help you get rid of weeds without having to spend a fortune and use herbicides. Another solution consists in making small holes in the ground near the weed, where you will put some salt. Doing so, weeds will quickly die, but be careful, because you run the risk of killing your plants, too. Make sure you don’t use salt too close to flowers or other plants!

Italian style gardens: geometry and order

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Italian style gardens are famous all over the world for their geometry, their perfect shapes and the unique elegance that make them extremely fascinating. Born during the XVI century, Italian gardens (also called formal gardens) have had a huge success and have spread throughout Europe, becoming a true reference model which has dominated the green areas of villas and parks at least until the XVIII century. Furthermore, Italian style gardens have been fundamental for the development of the English style garden, even if this particular garden is not characterized by geometrical, regular shapes but by a spontaneous nature. Let’s discover what are the main characteristics of an Italian style garden and why it is unique!

Geometry and regular shapes

The distinctive feature of Italian style gardens is without doubts the geometry and symmetry of lines and shapes. The geometry of the space is the result of a careful arrangement of hedges and shrubs, that create a landscape which has been planned in detail and where each plant is a fundamental part of the entire project. The final effect is really astonishing: the Italian style garden gives a sense of order and perfection that makes it an incredible example of how the expertise of a garden professional can transform wild nature into a work of art of unequalled beauty.

Italian style gardens – Mazes and topiary

The Italian style garden is famous also because it often includes evocative mazes that fit perfectly into the space because they play with geometry in order to create fascinating paths inside the garden. Besides the mazes, the Italian style garden is also characterized by topiary, a particular pruning technique that clips plants into geometrical or animal shapes. Thanks to topiary, shrubs become true ornamental elements that embellish the garden. Don’t miss the chance to visit an Italian style garden: be ready to be overwhelmed by beauty!

Hotel landscape design, why it is important

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Thanks to their elegance and the peace and serenity that they are able to give, gardens are the perfect solution if you want a place to become special. Nature becomes a work of art thanks to the expertise of landscape designers, who can shape it in a combination of shapes and colours in order to give a sense of harmony and quiet peace. Gardens are of utmost importance when it comes to hotel landscape design. Let’s discover why gardens are fundamental for hotels!

Exteriors are important!

Hotel landscape design is extremely important, because a beautiful hotel garden welcomes the guests as they arrive at the hotel, hence it is fundamental in order to make a good impression. As a matter of fact, when we are talking about hotels, the exteriors are as important as the interiors, because the perception of quality is often the result of the combination of the two. Nobody would stay in a hotel with a beautiful garden but with awful interiors and rooms full of dust. In the same way, a nice hotel with a neglected garden won’t make a good impression.

Hotel landscape design: choose an expert

Gardens are a fundamental element for hotels willing to make a great first impression and give their customers a sensation of peace and well-being. However, creating a garden for a hotel is not enough. If you want the garden to always be healthy and look great in any season, constant maintenance is absolutely necessary. Maintenance is a delicate activity, that’s why it is important to ask for the help of an expert. This is true especially for hotels: the experience of a garden professional will ensure that your garden will always be healthy and welcoming. If you want more information on our services you can visit our website!