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Italian style gardens: geometry and order

Italian style gardens by

Italian style gardens are famous all over the world for their geometry, their perfect shapes and the unique elegance that make them extremely fascinating. Born during the XVI century, Italian gardens (also called formal gardens) have had a huge success and have spread throughout Europe, becoming a true reference model which has dominated the green areas of villas and parks at least until the XVIII century. Furthermore, Italian style gardens have been fundamental for the development of the English style garden, even if this particular garden is not characterized by geometrical, regular shapes but by a spontaneous nature. Let’s discover what are the main characteristics of an Italian style garden and why it is unique!

Geometry and regular shapes

The distinctive feature of Italian style gardens is without doubts the geometry and symmetry of lines and shapes. The geometry of the space is the result of a careful arrangement of hedges and shrubs, that create a landscape which has been planned in detail and where each plant is a fundamental part of the entire project. The final effect is really astonishing: the Italian style garden gives a sense of order and perfection that makes it an incredible example of how the expertise of a garden professional can transform wild nature into a work of art of unequalled beauty.

Italian style gardens – Mazes and topiary

The Italian style garden is famous also because it often includes evocative mazes that fit perfectly into the space because they play with geometry in order to create fascinating paths inside the garden. Besides the mazes, the Italian style garden is also characterized by topiary, a particular pruning technique that clips plants into geometrical or animal shapes. Thanks to topiary, shrubs become true ornamental elements that embellish the garden. Don’t miss the chance to visit an Italian style garden: be ready to be overwhelmed by beauty!

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