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Get rid of weed: some garden care tips

Get rid of weed by

If you have a garden you know that weeds are very hard to eradicate. They grow in your garden, spoiling its beauty and damaging it. As a matter of fact, weeds deprive the other plants of the nutrients that are fundamental for their growth, that’s why they should be eradicated. If you garden is full of weeds do not worry! There are many solutions that will quickly solve the problem. Let’s see how to get rid of weed with some garden care tips!

There’s no need to use weedkillers!

If you are willing to know how to get rid of weed, it’s probably because you noticed that your garden is already full of unwanted plants that are threatening your green space. One of the characteristics of weeds is that they spread not only in the garden, but also in walkways. Using weedkillers may seem the easiest solution if you want to get rid of weeds, but are we sure that this is actually the best way to solve the problem? If it is true that herbicides do kill weeds fast, it is also true that if we use them for a long period of time we can harm the soil. Furthermore, new weeds will be more and more resistant to weedkillers, and so it will be more difficult to eradicate them.

How to get rid of weed without using herbicides

If your garden has so much weeds that it is impossible to eradicate them manually, you can opt for other solutions that will give you good results without having to use weedkillers. As an example, you can cover the soil with different materials. By doing so, you will kill weeds by depriving them of sunlight and, at the same time, you won’t let new weed to grow. This technique is called mulching and it will help you get rid of weeds without having to spend a fortune and use herbicides. Another solution consists in making small holes in the ground near the weed, where you will put some salt. Doing so, weeds will quickly die, but be careful, because you run the risk of killing your plants, too. Make sure you don’t use salt too close to flowers or other plants!

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