Mowing your lawn the right way: some tips!

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We keep on saying it on our blog: if you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, constant maintenance is fundamental. Regular maintenance activities are essential if you want a luxuriant and flawless garden. If you don’t do regular maintenance, your garden will get out of hand and will become a real jungle! Mowing your lawn is part of these activities. In this post we are going to give your some useful tips, some simple rules that, if you follow them and apply them the correct way, will help you get a perfect lawn!

Some tips on how to mow the lawn

As we have said, lawn maintenance should be done on a regular basis. This is the first tip: to mow the lawn often, more than once a week. By mowing your lawn on a regular basis, grass will grow strong and luxuriant and the garden will always look perfect. On the contrary, if you mow the lawn only when the grass has grown excessively you will harm it, because you’ll run the risk of tearing off the roots and weaken the grass. Another tip is to change the mowing pattern. This is very important, as a matter of fact, if you follow the same pattern each time you mow the lawn, grass will lean towards the direction you mowed and won’t grow up upright. On the contrary, if you change the mowing pattern, the grass will grow upright, giving the lawn a more uniform aspect. Don’t mow the lawn when it is too dry or if the grass is wet.

Mowing your lawn the right way

Thanks to this simple tips on how to mow the lawn, your garden will always be healthy and luxuriant and will always look perfect! What are you waiting for? Put into practice our tips and mow your lawn the best way!

Plan a garden with an expert!

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Garden planning is a fundamental aspect in the process of garden creation, something you should take seriously into consideration if you want to create the garden of your dreams. As a matter of fact, if you don’t plan a garden carefully, that garden won’t be as you imagined it and you will need to later intervene, wasting time and money. As garden planning is a delicate and important activity, you should consider hiring an expert. As a matter of fact, an expert, thanks to his or her expertise, will examine the characteristics of the landscape and will create a project that will turn the garden of your dreams into reality.

Garden design companies

As we have seen, you really need to plan a garden if you want it to be exactly how you imagined it. A garden design company is what you need: garden planning experts will analyze the landscape and determine its main features and peculiarities. Then, they will create a proposal for the project with graphical simulations, so that the client can really see how the final result will be. Such simulations show how the garden will look once it’s finished, as they include also lighting, irrigation systems and other ornamental elements.

Plan a garden with the help of an expert

Garden planning is useful not only to understand how the garden will be, but also because it gives the client some important information, such as costs, how much it will take to create the garden, and the material needed. The final result of garden planning is an estimate that precedes the creation of the garden. If you are looking for a garden design company, you can contact us! We are an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation. If you want more information about Atelier Dimensione Verde, just visit our website!

Landscape planning – discover our creative process!

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Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian landscaping company made of garden lovers. We are real garden enthusiasts and our work coincides with our passion. This is a necessary requisite if you want to be a garden designer: passion is what allows you to create a garden that will meet the client’s needs. We put all of our passion and expertise in each project, because we want our clients’ dreams to come true in the form of an amazing garden.

The creative process

The creative process of our landscape planning company is composed of 4 steps: listening, planning, creating, and maintenance activities. Listening is the most important step, because it allows us to understand what are the client’s needs and, as a consequence, it gives us all the information we need in order to create a garden which will satisfy those needs. We strive to create a direct and personal relationship with our clients, because this is the best way to understand them and be able to turn their dreams into reality. Once we have all the information we need, we can go on with garden planning, which includes graphical simulations. We will create a graphical simulation of the garden and then we will show it to the client and discuss it together to see if some changes are necessary. Once the project has been approved, we will go on with the third step, where our garden experts will use all their expertise, creativity and talent to create the garden. Last but not least, there are maintenance activities. Maintenance is extremely important if you want a healthy and beautiful garden throughout the year.

Looking for a landscape planning company? Contact us now!

If you are thinking about hiring an expert for the creation of your garden, you can contact us! Our staff of garden experts will be at your disposal and will work together with you in order to create a garden that will give a special touch to your house!

Historic gardens in Italy: something to discover!

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Fascinating, evocative, emotional: Italy’s historic gardens are a heritage of great artistic value that represents the best Italy has to offer. Visiting a historic park or garden is a highly emotional experience. When you visit a garden full of flowers and plants, you immediately recognize how this place is the perfect expression of the expertise and passion of garden designers, who are able to create enchanting and breathtaking works of arts with nature. Their work and regular maintenance activities preserve historic gardens so that we can enjoy the true beauty of these astonishing places.

The best Italy has to offer

Italians are very lucky. As a matter of fact, Italy has got lots of historic gardens and parks which are famous all over the world. Just think about the wonderful garden of Vignanello’s Castle, the Garzoni garden in Tuscany, the park of the Villa Reale of Monza, the Giusti gardens in Verona, the garden of the Palace of Caserta, or the Vatican gardens, just to name some. These are only a few examples of Italy’s huge heritage of historic gardens, which spreads throughout the peninsula. Visited each year by thousands of tourists, Italian gardens give foreigners a taste of Italian culture and the creative talent that Italians possess. If you are planning to come to Italy, you really need to book a visit to a garden: you will be amazed by beauty and overwhelmed by emotions!

Historic gardens, do you want to visit one?

If you are willing to visit one of Italy’s historic parks, you have a wealth of choices. Italy is full of great historic parks and there are gardens in each region. If you want to discover some of Italy’s best gardens, you can have a look at the archive of Grandi Giardini Italiani, which includes Italy’s best gardens with their story and useful information such as tickets and opening time.

Plants for hedges – which ones should you choose?

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Aren’t gardens with a hedge amazing? A luxuriant hedge gives a special touch to any garden, adding value to it and making it extremely fascinating. Besides the aesthetic value, having a hedge in the garden brings some advantages that are worth considering. As a matter of fact, a luxuriant and properly pruned hedge can protect your privacy, letting you enjoy your garden sheltered from prying eyes. Furthermore, it can be a barrier against wind, it can be used as a filter against noise or to absorb smog. However, choosing plants for hedges is not so easy, because each one has its own characteristics. Knowing them is important in order to choose the plants that best suit your needs.

Choosing the best plants

Choosing the plants for hedges may seem easy, but it’s not. You need to know the characteristics of each plant in order to choose those that will make up the hedge you want. Among the most commonly used plants there are evergreen plants. Thanks to their particular features, evergreen plants will help you obtain a luxuriant hedge that will remain healthy throughout the year.

Plants for hedges – Evergreen plants

Thanks to their peculiarities, evergreen plants are the perfect solution if you want a thick hedge that will give you adequate protection against wind and noise, guaranteeing some privacy as well. Among the evergreen plants that are commonly used for hedges there is the privet, a plant than can reach 3 meters in height, characterized by small and thick leaves. The privet is the ideal plant for hedges and is suitable for topiary art, too. Another evergreen plant that you can use is the cherry laurel. The cherry laurel is perfect if you want a hedge for your garden that requires little maintenance. Furthermore, it grows fast and has big beautiful leaves.