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Plants for hedges – which ones should you choose?

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Aren’t gardens with a hedge amazing? A luxuriant hedge gives a special touch to any garden, adding value to it and making it extremely fascinating. Besides the aesthetic value, having a hedge in the garden brings some advantages that are worth considering. As a matter of fact, a luxuriant and properly pruned hedge can protect your privacy, letting you enjoy your garden sheltered from prying eyes. Furthermore, it can be a barrier against wind, it can be used as a filter against noise or to absorb smog. However, choosing plants for hedges is not so easy, because each one has its own characteristics. Knowing them is important in order to choose the plants that best suit your needs.

Choosing the best plants

Choosing the plants for hedges may seem easy, but it’s not. You need to know the characteristics of each plant in order to choose those that will make up the hedge you want. Among the most commonly used plants there are evergreen plants. Thanks to their particular features, evergreen plants will help you obtain a luxuriant hedge that will remain healthy throughout the year.

Plants for hedges – Evergreen plants

Thanks to their peculiarities, evergreen plants are the perfect solution if you want a thick hedge that will give you adequate protection against wind and noise, guaranteeing some privacy as well. Among the evergreen plants that are commonly used for hedges there is the privet, a plant than can reach 3 meters in height, characterized by small and thick leaves. The privet is the ideal plant for hedges and is suitable for topiary art, too. Another evergreen plant that you can use is the cherry laurel. The cherry laurel is perfect if you want a hedge for your garden that requires little maintenance. Furthermore, it grows fast and has big beautiful leaves.

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