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Historic gardens in Italy: something to discover!

Historic gardens - Atelierdimensioneverde.com

Fascinating, evocative, emotional: Italy’s historic gardens are a heritage of great artistic value that represents the best Italy has to offer. Visiting a historic park or garden is a highly emotional experience. When you visit a garden full of flowers and plants, you immediately recognize how this place is the perfect expression of the expertise and passion of garden designers, who are able to create enchanting and breathtaking works of arts with nature. Their work and regular maintenance activities preserve historic gardens so that we can enjoy the true beauty of these astonishing places.

The best Italy has to offer

Italians are very lucky. As a matter of fact, Italy has got lots of historic gardens and parks which are famous all over the world. Just think about the wonderful garden of Vignanello’s Castle, the Garzoni garden in Tuscany, the park of the Villa Reale of Monza, the Giusti gardens in Verona, the garden of the Palace of Caserta, or the Vatican gardens, just to name some. These are only a few examples of Italy’s huge heritage of historic gardens, which spreads throughout the peninsula. Visited each year by thousands of tourists, Italian gardens give foreigners a taste of Italian culture and the creative talent that Italians possess. If you are planning to come to Italy, you really need to book a visit to a garden: you will be amazed by beauty and overwhelmed by emotions!

Historic gardens, do you want to visit one?

If you are willing to visit one of Italy’s historic parks, you have a wealth of choices. Italy is full of great historic parks and there are gardens in each region. If you want to discover some of Italy’s best gardens, you can have a look at the archive of Grandi Giardini Italiani, which includes Italy’s best gardens with their story and useful information such as tickets and opening time.

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