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Mowing your lawn the right way: some tips!

Mowing your lawn on the blog by

We keep on saying it on our blog: if you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, constant maintenance is fundamental. Regular maintenance activities are essential if you want a luxuriant and flawless garden. If you don’t do regular maintenance, your garden will get out of hand and will become a real jungle! Mowing your lawn is part of these activities. In this post we are going to give your some useful tips, some simple rules that, if you follow them and apply them the correct way, will help you get a perfect lawn!

Some tips on how to mow the lawn

As we have said, lawn maintenance should be done on a regular basis. This is the first tip: to mow the lawn often, more than once a week. By mowing your lawn on a regular basis, grass will grow strong and luxuriant and the garden will always look perfect. On the contrary, if you mow the lawn only when the grass has grown excessively you will harm it, because you’ll run the risk of tearing off the roots and weaken the grass. Another tip is to change the mowing pattern. This is very important, as a matter of fact, if you follow the same pattern each time you mow the lawn, grass will lean towards the direction you mowed and won’t grow up upright. On the contrary, if you change the mowing pattern, the grass will grow upright, giving the lawn a more uniform aspect. Don’t mow the lawn when it is too dry or if the grass is wet.

Mowing your lawn the right way

Thanks to this simple tips on how to mow the lawn, your garden will always be healthy and luxuriant and will always look perfect! What are you waiting for? Put into practice our tips and mow your lawn the best way!

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