Garden outdoor furniture: how to give a special touch to your garden

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A healthy lawn, a thick hedge, plants and flowers are essential ingredients for a perfect garden, but they are not enough! As a matter of fact, if you want a state-of-the-art garden you will have to add another very important ingredient, that is garden outdoor furniture. Tables, garden vases, flower boxes, gazebos and much more… the choices are endless, you just have to unleash your creativity! In this article we will give you some ideas to help you decorate your garden in an original way and make it even more beautiful!

Some garden decorating ideas

When talking about garden outdoor furniture, the garden table is for sure a must-have element. There are a lot of different models of garden tables on the market. Among the most popular there are rattan tables. Modern and of great impact, these tables will decorate your garden with elegance and make a great impression on your guests. Besides rattan tables, there are the classic wooden, plastic, iron or stone tables. Iron with glass or rattan with glass tables are very elegant, too. Depending on the model that you choose, you can also buy chairs and flower vases in the same material. If you have a bigger garden, you can also buy a gazebo or a garden parasol and create a welcoming space where to relax with your family and friends.

Garden outdoor furniture and lighting

Once you have chosen the pieces of furniture you like the most, do not forget about lighting. As a matter of fact, if you choose the right lights, you will create an extremely suggestive atmosphere, especially when the sun goes down. Thanks to a proper lighting, your garden will be even more welcoming and relaxing. What are you waiting for? Decorate your garden with outdoor furniture and lighting to make it look special!

Outdoor vertical gardens: unique green spaces!

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A great example of how nature can become an integral part of the urban context of the city and, at the same time, a form of art of great value. We are talking about outdoor vertical gardens, unique green spaces that colour the city, giving us the sensation of being surrounded by nature even if we are in the middle of a crowded street!

Main advantages of a vertical garden

Outdoor vertical gardens are without doubts works of great beauty that embellish the city, giving it new hues and new green corners, even in those places where the creation of a park or a small garden would be impossible. Besides having a great aesthetic value, vertical gardens are important for many other reasons. As a matter of fact, a green wall absorbs carbon dioxide and transforms it into oxygen. This is fundamental, as it lets the city breathe. Creating a vertical garden on a building is good for the building itself, too. A green wall is a great barrier against noise pollution, a common problem in most cities. But there’s more! A vertical garden can be helpful for building insulation and can be a part of the works for the energetic requalification of a building. Last but not least, a green wall will slow down the flames in case of a fire.

Outdoor vertical gardens – you can create one for your house!

We have talked about vertical gardens as green spaces that embellish the city, but green walls can also decorate a private house! Yes, it’s true! You can create a vertical garden in your house, too! If you want to create a green wall, you will have to hire an expert in garden planning. On the contrary, if you just want something smaller you can create a DIY vertical garden and have fun doing some gardening!

Plants for pergolas – which ones should you choose?

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Pergolas are decorative elements that can be found in parks and gardens, both public and private. Pergolas are structures which are usually made of wood, iron or aluminium. They usually have some beams supported by columns, with climbing plants growing over them. The plants will soon cover the structure in its entirety, becoming a protection against the sun and, at the same time, embellishing the green space. Creating a pergola in your house is a great idea, but you will have to choose the right plants if you want a luxuriant green covering with plenty of scents and colours. Let’s discover in this article some plants for pergolas that you can use to create marvelous pergolas for your garden!

Some ideas

Among the most common plants for pergolas there is the Bougainvillea, a wonderful climbing plant characterized by small white flowers and coloured leaves. The Bougainvillea is perfect for pergolas. A plant with tropical origins, with time the Bougainvillea adapted itself to the Mediterranean climate, thus it can be cultivated in Europe without problems. The Jasmine is another great option that will grow white flowers in Spring, making your pergola extremely suggestive. Another climbing plant that you can choose for your pergola is the vine, a plant that will give you a lot of shadow in the garden and grapes in Autumn. You can opt for roses if you want a pergola full of marvelous flowers.

Plants for pergolas: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

If you are willing to embellish your garden with a pergola, get in touch with Atelier Dimensione Verde, an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation! Our experts in garden planning will be more than happy to help you create a breathtaking pergola for your garden and will help you choose the best plants for your project.

Green architecture design: how to colour the city with nature

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Do you already know the Vertical Forest in Milan? They are two buildings situated near Porta Garibaldi railway station. These buildings, designed by Stefano Boeri Architect Studio, are unique because of their balconies, that are full of plants and flowers. Thanks to this distinctive trait, the Vertical Forest is now one of the most characteristic elements of Milan’s skyline. The Vertical Forest is a perfect example of green architecture design, something that combines natural elements with artificial buildings, creating an extremely fascinating symbiosis. All over the world, there are many examples of marvelous combinations of nature and architecture. Such creations are a proof of the fact that architects are more and more committed to preserving nature, without having to renounce to the architectural development of the cities.

What are the advantages

Besides being an obvious advantage from an aesthetic point of view, green architecture design is good for a city because it helps to reduce pollution and limits the negative effects of rain water in case of violent downpours. Furthermore, green roofs and vertical gardens are very useful for they produce oxygen and because they are a great barrier against noise pollution. We are talking about the so-called green buildings, that is sustainable and eco-friendly buildings that respect nature and have been designed trying to limit the environmental impact.

Green architecture design: green roofs, vertical gardens and hanging gardens

In this article we have already mentioned the Vertical Forest of Milan, but there are a lot of examples of green architecture that can be found even in smaller buildings, such as private houses. Besides a common garden, there are other options if you want to embellish your house with nature. For example, you can create a real green roof, which can be a flat or a shed roof, or you can opt for a hanging garden. Last but not least, you can create vertical gardens on the walls. Such ideas decorate the house and, at the same time, help to reduce pollution and to insulate the house.

Gardening fairs: Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome

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Today we want to suggest you a very nice event for all gardening lovers. We are talking about one of the most important and renowned gardening fairs in Italy, the Festival del verde e del paesaggio. The exhibition (this year the fair celebrates its 6th edition), will take place from the 13th to the 15th of May at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

A must-attend festival for garden lovers

The exhibition area is 25.000 square meters, where visitors can literally immerse themselves in nature. Among the gardening fairs, the Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome is unique as it hosts nurseries from all over Italy. With their plants, the nurseries will colour the path of the fair, which is more than a kilometer long. There is also the Garden Show section, where you will find all the latest trends in garden design and garden furniture. Besides being an important fair for the gardening field, the Festival is also a great didactic event, as it gives visitors the chance to learn the best gardening secrets from the experts. As a matter of fact, during the festival it is possible to attend a series of classes, in which attendees will discover how to take care of the garden and learn some gardening secrets that will help them create a perfect garden. The classes are both theoretical and practical and participants will have the chance to put into practice what they will learn. Interesting, isn’t it?

Gardening fairs, we are waiting for you in Rome!

If you are a garden lover just like we are, then you should visit the Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome. The numbers of the previous edition are the following: 21.500 visitors and 51 nurseries from all over Italy. What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now and get ready to be overwhelmed by nature in its finest expression!