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Plants for pergolas – which ones should you choose?

Plants for pergolas | Blog

Pergolas are decorative elements that can be found in parks and gardens, both public and private. Pergolas are structures which are usually made of wood, iron or aluminium. They usually have some beams supported by columns, with climbing plants growing over them. The plants will soon cover the structure in its entirety, becoming a protection against the sun and, at the same time, embellishing the green space. Creating a pergola in your house is a great idea, but you will have to choose the right plants if you want a luxuriant green covering with plenty of scents and colours. Let’s discover in this article some plants for pergolas that you can use to create marvelous pergolas for your garden!

Some ideas

Among the most common plants for pergolas there is the Bougainvillea, a wonderful climbing plant characterized by small white flowers and coloured leaves. The Bougainvillea is perfect for pergolas. A plant with tropical origins, with time the Bougainvillea adapted itself to the Mediterranean climate, thus it can be cultivated in Europe without problems. The Jasmine is another great option that will grow white flowers in Spring, making your pergola extremely suggestive. Another climbing plant that you can choose for your pergola is the vine, a plant that will give you a lot of shadow in the garden and grapes in Autumn. You can opt for roses if you want a pergola full of marvelous flowers.

Plants for pergolas: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

If you are willing to embellish your garden with a pergola, get in touch with Atelier Dimensione Verde, an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation! Our experts in garden planning will be more than happy to help you create a breathtaking pergola for your garden and will help you choose the best plants for your project.

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