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Outdoor vertical gardens: unique green spaces!

Outdoor vertical garden | Blog - Atelierdimensioneverde.com

A great example of how nature can become an integral part of the urban context of the city and, at the same time, a form of art of great value. We are talking about outdoor vertical gardens, unique green spaces that colour the city, giving us the sensation of being surrounded by nature even if we are in the middle of a crowded street!

Main advantages of a vertical garden

Outdoor vertical gardens are without doubts works of great beauty that embellish the city, giving it new hues and new green corners, even in those places where the creation of a park or a small garden would be impossible. Besides having a great aesthetic value, vertical gardens are important for many other reasons. As a matter of fact, a green wall absorbs carbon dioxide and transforms it into oxygen. This is fundamental, as it lets the city breathe. Creating a vertical garden on a building is good for the building itself, too. A green wall is a great barrier against noise pollution, a common problem in most cities. But there’s more! A vertical garden can be helpful for building insulation and can be a part of the works for the energetic requalification of a building. Last but not least, a green wall will slow down the flames in case of a fire.

Outdoor vertical gardens – you can create one for your house!

We have talked about vertical gardens as green spaces that embellish the city, but green walls can also decorate a private house! Yes, it’s true! You can create a vertical garden in your house, too! If you want to create a green wall, you will have to hire an expert in garden planning. On the contrary, if you just want something smaller you can create a DIY vertical garden and have fun doing some gardening!

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