Green architecture design: how to colour the city with nature

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Do you already know the Vertical Forest in Milan? They are two buildings situated near Porta Garibaldi railway station. These buildings, designed by Stefano Boeri Architect Studio, are unique because of their balconies, that are full of plants and flowers. Thanks to this distinctive trait, the Vertical Forest is now one of the most characteristic elements of Milan’s skyline. The Vertical Forest is a perfect example of green architecture design, something that combines natural elements with artificial buildings, creating an extremely fascinating symbiosis. All over the world, there are many examples of marvelous combinations of nature and architecture. Such creations are a proof of the fact that architects are more and more committed to preserving nature, without having to renounce to the architectural development of the cities.

What are the advantages

Besides being an obvious advantage from an aesthetic point of view, green architecture design is good for a city because it helps to reduce pollution and limits the negative effects of rain water in case of violent downpours. Furthermore, green roofs and vertical gardens are very useful for they produce oxygen and because they are a great barrier against noise pollution. We are talking about the so-called green buildings, that is sustainable and eco-friendly buildings that respect nature and have been designed trying to limit the environmental impact.

Green architecture design: green roofs, vertical gardens and hanging gardens

In this article we have already mentioned the Vertical Forest of Milan, but there are a lot of examples of green architecture that can be found even in smaller buildings, such as private houses. Besides a common garden, there are other options if you want to embellish your house with nature. For example, you can create a real green roof, which can be a flat or a shed roof, or you can opt for a hanging garden. Last but not least, you can create vertical gardens on the walls. Such ideas decorate the house and, at the same time, help to reduce pollution and to insulate the house.

Residential landscape design: some reasons why you should hire an expert!

Residential landscape design -

When we decide to create the garden of our dreams, we have to face a choice: do-it-yourself gardening or hiring an expert in the gardening field. If it is true that DIY gardening is a very fulfilling activity which gives a lot of satisfaction, it is also true that, if you want something more than a hobby and you are willing to create a garden starting from zero, you will have to take into account that you will need a lot of time and energy. If you choose this option, you’ll have to consider how many hours you will need to complete the work and how much energy you will put on the project. On the contrary, if you choose a residential landscape design expert, you can forget all of it: a professional will take care of the whole project, from planning to garden maintenance, giving you a turnkey garden which will decorate your space perfectly.

Residential landscape design: results are guaranteed

It is not only about saving time; hiring a garden expert is fundamental if you want a garden which corresponds to your ideas and desires. Often, those who choose to create a garden with no experience or professional skill, end up with a garden which is not how they imagined it. On the contrary, a landscape expert, thanks to years of experience in the field, is able to create a garden that perfectly coincides with your desires.

Garden planning and maintenance

Hiring a residential landscape design professional is the ideal choice if you want to create the garden that you have always desired. The magic that makes the garden come true is actually the result of a well-defined process that includes garden planning and maintenance. Garden design experts will take care of the whole project, giving the client a final product which looks exactly how the customer wanted it to look. Choose Atelier Dimensione Verde for your garden! Thanks to years of experience, we will make the garden of your dreams come true! If you have any question you can contact us, we will give you all the information you need!

Landscape architecture design for your garden



Atelier Dimensione Verde is a landscape architecture design company whose main aim is to design beautiful landscape settings to help customers realize the full potential of their property. Thanks to our experience in landscape design, we are able to create the perfect garden for each client, according to their needs.

Landscape architecture design for your garden

Our lives are hectic due to the relentless demands of our busy work schedule. After a busy day at work, we need a proper environment that calms the mind and allows full restoration of our energy levels. Our homes and outdoor spaces are suited to fulfill these needs, but sadly, most of them do not. The question is: do you want to make the most out of your garden? If the answer is yes, we will be happy to help you plan a vibrant and diverse landscape setting for your home and then provide you with the technical know-how that is necessary to bring your environment to life. Upgrading the landscape of your home by developing outdoor spaces for entertainment and relaxing is a great way of increasing the home’s value.


Design options

There are many landscape architecture design options you can consider when upgrading your backyard, front yard or the entire piece of land. In the backyard, we can develop an area for the entertainment of friends and family. This area can also include an outdoor kitchen and a pool. We can also develop a garden that attracts wildlife, allowing you to reflect and relax. In the front yard, we can create a beautiful walkway or an eco-friendly garden. The possibilities are endless due to our limitless creativity. Our landscape design services are perfect for clients who are planning on creating their dream gardens. We use our passion and our expertise to create a design that meets all the needs. We also offer solutions for older gardens that are beginning to look outdated and out of place to make them good as new. The pictures in this post show one of our projects, a wonderful garden for a villa in the hills near Florence.



Swimming pool designers for a unique garden


In order to create a top-class garden with swimming pool, you have to take into consideration many factors. Elements such as the best plants for the location, the right colours, pool depth and design, everything contributes to the character and personality of a garden. A space in which you can relax by the water deserves a truly unique design that takes into consideration the customer and their needs, as well as their wishes for the ideal pool area. Options are unlimited when you let your imagination go, and anything becomes possible with the right team to coordinate the project. Over the years, we have designed and installed swimming pools for private houses, villas and hotels. Visit our site to see some of our best works!

Types of design

Depending upon the size of the space, a variety of shapes and dimensions of the pool will be available. The rectangular shape is the most used, but you can choose other solutions, such as the angular pool or even custom designs that can conform to a non-standard space. If you want something more original, you can opt for a kidney-shaped pool or even a heart-shaped design. For a more classic look, you can choose a standard pool which combines cement with natural stone, marble slab, and other finishing touches.

A team of swimming pool designers

A swimming pool designer is able to design and install the perfect pool for your garden. Be it a classic pool, or a modern one with more angles and curves, our expert team will plan, design and install the best solution for your garden. Thanks to years of expertise, we can interpret your ideas and turn them into reality by creating a wonderful garden with pool. Would you like to have more information? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be happy to answer you!

Home garden design, a job with the customer in mind


When we start planning the best garden design for a house, we always have our customers in mind. Before we start drawing up a plan for the location, it is very important for us to know our clients’ personality, what they like and don’t like, their hobbies and their interests. Each time we design a successful home garden, it is because we have started by considering the customer. Knowing the picture each client has inside his or her mind regarding what the final product will look like is a fundamental part of our work. Sometimes, descriptions do not tell us what the customer really wishes. That is why taking time to listen to the client is the key.

Home garden design: unleash the potential of your house

What we strive to know is how each person in the house will use the green space. Once we have figured it out, we start considering which kind of plants and vegetation will be the most appropriate for the space. In order to find this out, we analyze the unique attributes of each house, such as shade and sun, the ph level of the soil, the mineral content of the soil, yearly temperatures, the amount of precipitation and other factors. Putting all this information into our plan for the space ensures a successful garden as well as a comfortable outdoor area. It is more than landscape planning, it is a process of bringing to life the best potential of each house.

The importance of details

Home garden design may incorporate simplicity and beauty or even something more detailed and elegant. There are also traditional features that can be added to a home garden in order to give it a unique look. Consulting with the customer regarding their wishes for the space will often illuminate which new features may be added, and even on occasion become the focal point for the entire design.

Our projects: garden with fountain in the centre of Florence


Over the years, Atelier Dimensione Verde has created beautiful landscapes, from a simple garden with fountain to Japanese gardens. Our company has also restored historical parks, giving life to amazing green areas. In each one of our projects we always put all our passion, creativity and expertise to create unique gardens for our clients. With great pleasure we are going to present you some of our best works, gardens that we have created to decorate dream locations and landscapes that we have designed to give a new light to the existing architecture .

The garden of Hotel Villa Cora

The first project that we will present you is the garden with fountain of the Grand Hotel Villa Cora, located in Florence. For this project, our team has created a garden that integrates perfectly with the architecture of the structure, emphasizing it. The garden has got two Renaissance-style fountains, one of which welcomes the guests of the hotel on the front walkway. There is also a lounge area which has been later decorated with wooden tables and chairs. Furthermore, we have realized a series of walkways that allow the guests to enter the various green areas of the garden. This garden is a real work of art, a green space with delicate colours that really enhances the hotel.


If you want a garden with fountain, choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

Atelier Dimensione Verde is specialized in garden landscape design and restoration of green areas. Our professional team can interpret the ideas of the client and turn them into reality, creating a garden which integrates perfectly with the existing context. Our work does not end with garden planning and creation, but includes also the maintenance of the green space once the project is finished. Choosing Atelier Dimensione Verde for your gardens means choosing a company with a great expertise, proved by our garden creations.

Garden landscape design: the art of planning a green space


Garden landscape design is the art of combining nature and the layout of an existing property, in order to create a welcoming and inviting environment by designing a green space with flower beds, ornamental grasses, fountains and garden statues. The fundamentals of garden landscape design include the layout of the hardscape and the horticultural requirements of the plants. The hardscape constitutes the built environment of the garden and includes walls, sidewalks, fountains and pools. The Horticultural requirements refer to the features of the plants such as size, lifespan, and speed of growth. Garden landscape design professionals combine these elements together, always taking into account the topographical features, such as slopes, to create an appealing garden that meets the needs and desires of the owners and users of the garden.

Who handles the task of garden landscape design?

Garden landscape design is done by professionals who have a vast knowledge of the principles of design as well as horticulture. In addition to this, they also have extensive expertise and great creativity. The landscape artisans must also possess skills in planting design, which requires aesthetic judgment and talent in design. Garden landscape design is not just a mechanical job, but an art that requires great talent, creativity and expertise.

Where to find garden landscape design services

Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company that designs, creates and maintains gardens and parks. We consider quality a fundamental aspect of our work, achieved thanks to the experience and comprehensive knowledge we have accrued over the years. We have a team of garden landscape design professionals dedicated to creating appealing and sensational gardens and parks for clients.