Pruning garden plants, what you need to know

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Pruning garden plants is a very important activity that you need to carry out each year. Pruning is fundamental if you want your plants to grow strong, lush, and healthy. As a matter of fact, pruning practices remove dead or damaged branches, give plants a specific shape and stimulate fruit and flower growth. Pruning is a delicate activity and you have to take it seriously: if you are not an expert gardener you run the risk of causing serious damage to your plants.

Pruning garden plants is important

It is important to start pruning your plants when they are young. This will train them to grow exactly as you want and will make them stronger. When pruning young plants, remove dead or crossing branches that could become a problem as the plants grow. If you train young plants properly, they will grow strong and healthy and they will require lower maintenance. You can prune plants to improve their appearance by giving them a specific shape. This will require regular pruning because you will have to train the plant to grow into a specific shape and size. To do so, remove unwanted branches or branches that are not growing according to the shape you want to achieve. If you don’t train the plants like that, they will grow out of shape and later it will be more difficult to prune them. Regular pruning is fundamental if you want to avoid uncontrolled plant growth. As a matter of fact, if you don’t prune your plants, they will grow into adjacent buildings, sidewalks, power lines and interfere with street lights.

Choose an expert company!

Pruning is a very important activity that you should carry out on a regular basis. As pruning garden plants is not an easy task, you should consider hiring an expert company. Atelier Dimensione Verde offers professional maintenance services for gardens and parks, both private and public. Have a look at our website!

Historic garden restoration: bringing green spaces back to life!

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Atelier Dimensione Verde is not only a garden design company. Besides garden planning and creation, we also dedicate ourselves to other kinds of activities. An important part of our work consists in historic garden restoration. It is a very delicate activity, but we really feel great satisfaction each time we complete a project and the historic garden shines again as it did when it was at its best. This is probably our greatest pride: to know that a historic park, a heritage of priceless value, has been restored to its ancient glory thanks to our work. To know that, with our passion and experience, we have had a part in bringing the garden back to life.

Gardens with a great story to tell

Restoring a historic garden is not easy. After all, we are talking about gardens with hundreds of years of history. It is absolutely fundamental to work with great care, giving the garden the respect it deserves. It is equally important to carefully plan restoration works. The aim is to restore the garden and enhance its beauty without changing its aspect and, of course, preserving its charm. Expertise plays a fundamental role: only an expert in historic garden restoration will be able to identify what are the needs of the garden and understand what kind of work should be done.

Historic garden restoration: the experts of Atelier Dimensione Verde

Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company specialized in the restoration of historic parks and gardens. Thanks to a team of landscape experts, we can operate in any context. With an analysis of the garden or park, we will determine what are its main issues. This will help us plan a restoration project based on the needs of the garden, which will let us operate in order to enhance the landscape without compromising the ancient charm.

Garden design company: discover our work at Villa Le Balze

Garden design company

Every garden is unique and deserves the best in order to be always luxuriant. If you love your garden and you want it to always look at its best, then Atelier Dimensione Verde is the garden design company for you. Whether it is a classic or a modern garden, our experienced staff knows exactly what is needed to get the best results. We can either work on a classic garden design or we can develop a personalized project starting from your ideas. Our mission is to create gardens that amaze, green areas that make an impression and give a sense of peace.

The garden of Villa Le Balze

As a garden design company with years of experience in the field, we have worked with passion on countless projects. As an example, you can see in the pictures on this post the garden of Villa Le Balze. The astonishing garden which surrounds the villa, seat of the Georgetown University, needed some maintenance. Thanks to our expertise the historical park in now in perfect shape.

Garden fountain


Your garden design company

Our company can create gardens for residential homes and commercial buildings in different styles. For instance, we often design summer gardens, which offer long blooming and easy to grow plants such as daylilies. Another option is the water garden, a lovely green space with a water pond and tropical plants for a beautiful and stunning view. Our gardens add beauty to homes and commercial buildings by adding a wealth of colour. If you want the garden of your dreams, contact us by visiting our website. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can ask for a free estimate and then, if you choose our company, we will immediately start working on your project with a specific idea in mind: to turn your garden wishes into reality!