Garden creation services: our turnkey projects

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Are you looking for professional garden creation services? Are you willing to hire an expert company for the creation of the garden of your dreams? You are on the right place! Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company with years of experience in garden planning and creation. We work with passion and dedication on every project, because we really want our client’s dreams – even the most unusual ones – to come true in the form of a marvellous garden, in which they will find peace after a hard day at work. Thanks to our team of garden design experts, we can work on any project. We also offer maintenance and restoration services for green areas, both public and private.

A turnkey garden? Yes, with Atelier Dimensione Verde!

If you choose a company with a great experience in garden creation services like Atelier Dimensione Verde, you won’t have to worry about anything: a team of garden design experts will take care of your project, creating an awesome garden. It is a turnkey service, tailored on the client’s needs, that we are happy to offer to anyone willing to create the perfect garden for their house.

Garden creation services: listening is the secret ingredient!

Understanding what the client’s needs are is fundamental if we want to create the perfect garden. Listening is the secret ingredient of garden creation. As a matter of fact, a garden designer who does not listen to the client is bound to fail. We believe that listening has to lie at the basis of every single project. It is an important part of the whole process, something that allows us to identify what the client really wants. Thanks to this fundamental step of the process, we can collect all the information we need to create a customized project that will soon become a unique garden. If you need more information about Atelier Dimensione Verde, just visit our website!

Landscape architects – discover our projects!

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At Atelier Dimensione Verde we really love taking care of gardens and parks. We consider garden planning something more than just a job: it is our passion! Our team of landscape architects works hard to create marvellous masterpieces that make us really proud of what we do every day. It is very important for us to see how, thank to our efforts, nature becomes a work of art which embellishes the space with unique perspectives and atmospheres. Today we want to show you one of our projects: the garden and park of a hotel in Pistoia.

Nature is the main character

As you can see in the pictures, our landscape architects created a beautiful garden and a park for the hotel, two unique gems that give the space new hues and fragrances. Our garden planning experts studied the landscape in order to embellish it with the appropriate garden. One of the main features of the project is the marvellous pergola with roses, which introduces the guests into the olive tree park. The garden is awesome, too. There is a nice stone walkway that leads to a green area with wooden benches, where guests can relax and enjoy nature among wonderful flowerbeds and hedges.

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Landscape architects – choose Atelier Dimensione Verde!

Do you want a garden like this for your hotel or private house? Then all you have to do is contact us! We are an Italian company with a great experience in garden creation. Our team of garden design experts will help you create the garden of your dreams. With our passion and expertise, we will create the perfect green space in which your guests, or your family and friends will enjoy summer evenings. If you need more information about our company, just visit our website, where you can find the pictures of our best projects!

Outdoor flooring options for your garden: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde!

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There are many outdoor flooring options if you want to decorate your garden and make it unique and special. As a matter of fact, besides choosing the right plants and flowers, the lighting and irrigation systems, and outdoor furniture, you need to think about what kind of flooring you want for your garden. Walkways, cobbled paths, and trails are just some of the options that you can choose to make your garden really special.

Creating a wonderful walkway

Do you want a marvellous walkway that twists and turns through your garden, letting you lose yourself in nature? Then you should start thinking about the various outdoor flooring options. Be it for a new garden or an existing one, you can create an amazing walkway and enhance the beauty of your green space. If you are willing to create a new garden, the walkway will be included on the project made by the garden designer. On the contrary, if you have an existing garden, an expert will have to make a specific flooring project. Obviously, before the beginning of the work, you will have to choose the right materials for the walkway. You can create paths and walkways made of wood, stone, porphyry and a lot of other materials.

Outdoor flooring options: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

Are you looking for someone to help you create a beautiful walkway for your garden? Choose the expertise of Atelier Dimensione Verde! We are an Italian company from Florence with years of experience in landscape design, garden planning and garden creation. We also offer professional maintenance and restoration services for gardens and parks, both private and public. If you are willing to know more about our company and the services we offer, you can visit our website and get in touch with one of our experts!

Plan of a garden: the importance of keeping the balance

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Whoever works in the gardening field knows that planning the perfect garden requires a lot of experience, creativity, talent and a great amount of passion. As a matter of fact, planning a garden is something that may seem easy at first sight, but it’s not. Planning a garden with no experience at all may lead to results that are very different from those that we were expecting. Among all the aspects that an expert in garden planning has to take into consideration for the project to be successful, there’s the balance between the garden and the existing buildings or architectural elements.

Analyzing the space in order to enhance its beauty

A plan of a garden that doesn’t pay attention to the existing buildings that compose the space is not considering an extremely important element: balance. The balance between the garden and the artificial elements is the secret ingredient that will create a garden that enhances the space without compromising its importance. As a matter of fact, if you decide to create a garden it’s because you want to add beauty to the landscape and to give more value to the existing building. The garden, however, should not dominate everything else. On the contrary, it should be a sort of “green frame” for the existing elements. In this sense, balance means that the garden will embellish the artificial elements and vice versa.

The plan of a garden is like a work of art

Thanks to their talent, passion, and expertise, garden designers are able to find the equilibrium between nature and artificial elements so that one won’t prevail over the other. The aim is to create a pleasing balance between nature and buildings that will embellish the space. Garden designers can achieve this thanks to a careful analysis of the landscape, which will give them all the information they need in order to create a detailed plan of the garden.

Plan a garden with an expert!

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Garden planning is a fundamental aspect in the process of garden creation, something you should take seriously into consideration if you want to create the garden of your dreams. As a matter of fact, if you don’t plan a garden carefully, that garden won’t be as you imagined it and you will need to later intervene, wasting time and money. As garden planning is a delicate and important activity, you should consider hiring an expert. As a matter of fact, an expert, thanks to his or her expertise, will examine the characteristics of the landscape and will create a project that will turn the garden of your dreams into reality.

Garden design companies

As we have seen, you really need to plan a garden if you want it to be exactly how you imagined it. A garden design company is what you need: garden planning experts will analyze the landscape and determine its main features and peculiarities. Then, they will create a proposal for the project with graphical simulations, so that the client can really see how the final result will be. Such simulations show how the garden will look once it’s finished, as they include also lighting, irrigation systems and other ornamental elements.

Plan a garden with the help of an expert

Garden planning is useful not only to understand how the garden will be, but also because it gives the client some important information, such as costs, how much it will take to create the garden, and the material needed. The final result of garden planning is an estimate that precedes the creation of the garden. If you are looking for a garden design company, you can contact us! We are an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation. If you want more information about Atelier Dimensione Verde, just visit our website!

Landscape planning – discover our creative process!

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Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian landscaping company made of garden lovers. We are real garden enthusiasts and our work coincides with our passion. This is a necessary requisite if you want to be a garden designer: passion is what allows you to create a garden that will meet the client’s needs. We put all of our passion and expertise in each project, because we want our clients’ dreams to come true in the form of an amazing garden.

The creative process

The creative process of our landscape planning company is composed of 4 steps: listening, planning, creating, and maintenance activities. Listening is the most important step, because it allows us to understand what are the client’s needs and, as a consequence, it gives us all the information we need in order to create a garden which will satisfy those needs. We strive to create a direct and personal relationship with our clients, because this is the best way to understand them and be able to turn their dreams into reality. Once we have all the information we need, we can go on with garden planning, which includes graphical simulations. We will create a graphical simulation of the garden and then we will show it to the client and discuss it together to see if some changes are necessary. Once the project has been approved, we will go on with the third step, where our garden experts will use all their expertise, creativity and talent to create the garden. Last but not least, there are maintenance activities. Maintenance is extremely important if you want a healthy and beautiful garden throughout the year.

Looking for a landscape planning company? Contact us now!

If you are thinking about hiring an expert for the creation of your garden, you can contact us! Our staff of garden experts will be at your disposal and will work together with you in order to create a garden that will give a special touch to your house!

Landscape contractor – why you should hire one

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Do you know who a landscape contractor is and what he or she does? A landscape contractor is a gardening professional with great experience in garden design, planning and maintenance. The landscape contractor is an expert in garden creation with a deep knowledge and expertise, which allows he or she to add value to any space. If you hire a landscape contractor, an expert will work hard to turn your ideas into a beautiful garden. Many times we imagine something beautiful, but then we are not able to reproduce it. More often than not, turning our ideas into reality is an extremely difficult task, because we do not possess enough expertise. This is true for gardens, too. Dreaming of a wonderful garden is very easy, but creating it… well, that’s another story! The landscape contractor is the kind of expert you need in order to create that garden you have been dreaming of for so long!

Hiring an expert team

The landscape contractor often works in a garden design company together with a team of gardening experts. Hiring such a company is a great idea: the whole team will work on your project and will take care of each phase, from planning to the creation of the garden. Furthermore, maintenance service is also available. As a matter of fact, once the garden is finished, it will need maintenance in order to always look good and healthy. Regular maintenance ensures that your garden will always be at its best.

Landscape contractor: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

If you are looking for a team of experts to help you turn your ideas into reality and create a garden that will embellish your house, choose Atelier Dimensione Verde. We are an Italian company based in Florence with a great experience in garden creation. Over the years, we have worked on countless projects, that’s why we are the perfect company for you!

Hotel landscape design, why it is important

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Thanks to their elegance and the peace and serenity that they are able to give, gardens are the perfect solution if you want a place to become special. Nature becomes a work of art thanks to the expertise of landscape designers, who can shape it in a combination of shapes and colours in order to give a sense of harmony and quiet peace. Gardens are of utmost importance when it comes to hotel landscape design. Let’s discover why gardens are fundamental for hotels!

Exteriors are important!

Hotel landscape design is extremely important, because a beautiful hotel garden welcomes the guests as they arrive at the hotel, hence it is fundamental in order to make a good impression. As a matter of fact, when we are talking about hotels, the exteriors are as important as the interiors, because the perception of quality is often the result of the combination of the two. Nobody would stay in a hotel with a beautiful garden but with awful interiors and rooms full of dust. In the same way, a nice hotel with a neglected garden won’t make a good impression.

Hotel landscape design: choose an expert

Gardens are a fundamental element for hotels willing to make a great first impression and give their customers a sensation of peace and well-being. However, creating a garden for a hotel is not enough. If you want the garden to always be healthy and look great in any season, constant maintenance is absolutely necessary. Maintenance is a delicate activity, that’s why it is important to ask for the help of an expert. This is true especially for hotels: the experience of a garden professional will ensure that your garden will always be healthy and welcoming. If you want more information on our services you can visit our website!

Landscape planning: getting the best out of nature

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The conservation of natural resources and the need to conciliate the various land uses are the core focuses of the art of landscape planning. This activity includes landscape design projects on both small-scale and large-scale basis. Planners implement landscaping projects within an agreed duration and depending on the specifications of the customer. Landscaping ensures that green spaces are safe from potential damage due to human activities. This art allows landowners to have their environments changed according to their wishes and, at the same time, helps them get the best out of their land.

How do landscapers work?

Landscape planning experts identify different natural resources that can be coordinated to bring about multi-functional effects to the environment. The planning phase makes it possible for the designers to take decisions before initiating the project. Thanks to planning, landscapers can identify and implement viable concepts for a project. This phase is very important and can save a great amount of time and resources, because it avoids unreasonable landscaping decisions that would later cause serious problems. Planning also ensures that natural resources are conserved while the aesthetic value of land is enhanced.

Landscape planning experts

Our company, Atelier Dimensione Verde, is among the industry leaders in terms of offering an array of landscaping services at both domestic and commercial levels. These include planning, design and installation as well as professional gardening advices. Our highly experienced staff formulates unique ideas and professionally coordinates the projects in order to offer the best landscaping services to our clients. We also provide landscape maintenance services to our customers, to ensure that the installation will always maintain its high-quality design and appearance. Last but not least, we also give our clients useful tips to help them taking care of their garden, so that the exquisite designs attained with our work will last for a long time, even without professional maintenance services. All the landscaping services are offered at affordable prices to ensure that nature lovers can access them and enjoy the many benefits of landscaping.

Outdoor lighting systems, why they are important


If you want to spend some time outdoors with friends and family, you will need an adequate lighting system to illuminate the garden. If you are planning to relax in your green corner in the evening, placing a spotlight in the yard will help to enhance the appeal of the landscape. Landscape lighting is an excellent way to showcase both flower gardens and planting areas. Lighting on outdoor structures creates pleasant splashes of light on the garden. There is a variety of outdoor lighting designs to choose from in the market. In order to find the best solution for your green space, it is important to consider the light you need and how it is going to be used.

Safety and comfort with outdoor lighting systems

A lighting system can enhance the safety of your garden in different ways. Installing some lights on the walkways, for example, helps you walk in the garden at night. The more the lights you install, the safer the outdoor area in your home. Outdoor lighting systems ensure great comfort, too. As a matter of fact, they are the perfect solution if you want to extend the living areas of your house. If your house has a patio with a seating, adding attractive lighting can make the area habitable even when the sun goes down. You can use a combination of up lights and light fixtures to enhance the outdoor décor of your house.

Light up your garden!

Our company can design and install beautiful exterior lighting systems which are perfect to illuminate your home, garden or backyard. We offer a great choice of lighting designs in different styles, from antique to contemporary. Visit our website for more information!