Plants for pergolas – which ones should you choose?

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Pergolas are decorative elements that can be found in parks and gardens, both public and private. Pergolas are structures which are usually made of wood, iron or aluminium. They usually have some beams supported by columns, with climbing plants growing over them. The plants will soon cover the structure in its entirety, becoming a protection against the sun and, at the same time, embellishing the green space. Creating a pergola in your house is a great idea, but you will have to choose the right plants if you want a luxuriant green covering with plenty of scents and colours. Let’s discover in this article some plants for pergolas that you can use to create marvelous pergolas for your garden!

Some ideas

Among the most common plants for pergolas there is the Bougainvillea, a wonderful climbing plant characterized by small white flowers and coloured leaves. The Bougainvillea is perfect for pergolas. A plant with tropical origins, with time the Bougainvillea adapted itself to the Mediterranean climate, thus it can be cultivated in Europe without problems. The Jasmine is another great option that will grow white flowers in Spring, making your pergola extremely suggestive. Another climbing plant that you can choose for your pergola is the vine, a plant that will give you a lot of shadow in the garden and grapes in Autumn. You can opt for roses if you want a pergola full of marvelous flowers.

Plants for pergolas: choose Atelier Dimensione Verde

If you are willing to embellish your garden with a pergola, get in touch with Atelier Dimensione Verde, an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation! Our experts in garden planning will be more than happy to help you create a breathtaking pergola for your garden and will help you choose the best plants for your project.

Green architecture design: how to colour the city with nature

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Do you already know the Vertical Forest in Milan? They are two buildings situated near Porta Garibaldi railway station. These buildings, designed by Stefano Boeri Architect Studio, are unique because of their balconies, that are full of plants and flowers. Thanks to this distinctive trait, the Vertical Forest is now one of the most characteristic elements of Milan’s skyline. The Vertical Forest is a perfect example of green architecture design, something that combines natural elements with artificial buildings, creating an extremely fascinating symbiosis. All over the world, there are many examples of marvelous combinations of nature and architecture. Such creations are a proof of the fact that architects are more and more committed to preserving nature, without having to renounce to the architectural development of the cities.

What are the advantages

Besides being an obvious advantage from an aesthetic point of view, green architecture design is good for a city because it helps to reduce pollution and limits the negative effects of rain water in case of violent downpours. Furthermore, green roofs and vertical gardens are very useful for they produce oxygen and because they are a great barrier against noise pollution. We are talking about the so-called green buildings, that is sustainable and eco-friendly buildings that respect nature and have been designed trying to limit the environmental impact.

Green architecture design: green roofs, vertical gardens and hanging gardens

In this article we have already mentioned the Vertical Forest of Milan, but there are a lot of examples of green architecture that can be found even in smaller buildings, such as private houses. Besides a common garden, there are other options if you want to embellish your house with nature. For example, you can create a real green roof, which can be a flat or a shed roof, or you can opt for a hanging garden. Last but not least, you can create vertical gardens on the walls. Such ideas decorate the house and, at the same time, help to reduce pollution and to insulate the house.

Gardening fairs: Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome

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Today we want to suggest you a very nice event for all gardening lovers. We are talking about one of the most important and renowned gardening fairs in Italy, the Festival del verde e del paesaggio. The exhibition (this year the fair celebrates its 6th edition), will take place from the 13th to the 15th of May at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

A must-attend festival for garden lovers

The exhibition area is 25.000 square meters, where visitors can literally immerse themselves in nature. Among the gardening fairs, the Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome is unique as it hosts nurseries from all over Italy. With their plants, the nurseries will colour the path of the fair, which is more than a kilometer long. There is also the Garden Show section, where you will find all the latest trends in garden design and garden furniture. Besides being an important fair for the gardening field, the Festival is also a great didactic event, as it gives visitors the chance to learn the best gardening secrets from the experts. As a matter of fact, during the festival it is possible to attend a series of classes, in which attendees will discover how to take care of the garden and learn some gardening secrets that will help them create a perfect garden. The classes are both theoretical and practical and participants will have the chance to put into practice what they will learn. Interesting, isn’t it?

Gardening fairs, we are waiting for you in Rome!

If you are a garden lover just like we are, then you should visit the Festival del verde e del paesaggio in Rome. The numbers of the previous edition are the following: 21.500 visitors and 51 nurseries from all over Italy. What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now and get ready to be overwhelmed by nature in its finest expression!

Historic garden restoration: bringing green spaces back to life!

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Atelier Dimensione Verde is not only a garden design company. Besides garden planning and creation, we also dedicate ourselves to other kinds of activities. An important part of our work consists in historic garden restoration. It is a very delicate activity, but we really feel great satisfaction each time we complete a project and the historic garden shines again as it did when it was at its best. This is probably our greatest pride: to know that a historic park, a heritage of priceless value, has been restored to its ancient glory thanks to our work. To know that, with our passion and experience, we have had a part in bringing the garden back to life.

Gardens with a great story to tell

Restoring a historic garden is not easy. After all, we are talking about gardens with hundreds of years of history. It is absolutely fundamental to work with great care, giving the garden the respect it deserves. It is equally important to carefully plan restoration works. The aim is to restore the garden and enhance its beauty without changing its aspect and, of course, preserving its charm. Expertise plays a fundamental role: only an expert in historic garden restoration will be able to identify what are the needs of the garden and understand what kind of work should be done.

Historic garden restoration: the experts of Atelier Dimensione Verde

Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company specialized in the restoration of historic parks and gardens. Thanks to a team of landscape experts, we can operate in any context. With an analysis of the garden or park, we will determine what are its main issues. This will help us plan a restoration project based on the needs of the garden, which will let us operate in order to enhance the landscape without compromising the ancient charm.

Outdoor garden fountain: create unique gardens using water!

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Water is an element that can be used to embellish gardens, parks and green areas in general. As a matter of fact, water creates breathtaking atmospheres and adds new hues and colours to the garden. If you want to use water to add beauty to your green space, there are a lot of options you can choose. For example, you can opt for water features such as an outdoor garden fountain or a sphere fountain, or you can create a pond.

Outdoor garden fountain and more…

Garden fountains are a great choice if you want to add beauty to a green space without spending a fortune. There is a great choice of fountains on the market, each one with different characteristics. You just have to check them out and choose the one that best suits your needs. As an example, there are spilling fountains and tiered fountains, which are perfect if you want your garden to become a peaceful place where you can relax hearing the delicate sound of water. Another option is the wall fountain. Mounted on a wall, this kind of fountain integrates perfectly with the existing building and gives a special touch to the garden. If you prefer something more modern, you have a lot of options as well. For example, there are sphere fountains, a particular kind of fountain that creates fascinating water effects and give a magic atmosphere to the garden, especially as the sun goes down.

Make your garden special!

Adding water features to your garden in order to make it unique is easier than you think if you know how to choose the right decorative elements. If you are willing to give a special touch to your garden, you can choose an outdoor garden fountain or any other garden feature that we mentioned on this article. The result will be great: a brand new garden with new hues and enchanting water effects!

French formal garden – let’s discover it!

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We have already written on this blog about the Italian formal garden and the English style garden. Let’s continue our series of posts dedicated to the various types of garden with an article dedicated to the French formal garden, another great example of how art and creativity can express themselves through nature and give birth to unique creations. We will discover what are the main characteristics of French gardens, those peculiarities that make them true works of art, famous and appreciated all over the world.

Main features of a French formal garden

The French garden is similar in many aspects to the Italian style garden. As a matter of fact, just like the Italian formal garden, the French garden is characterized by the geometry of the lines and shapes and the symmetry of decorative elements. However, what makes the French formal garden really unique is without doubts its magnificence. The French garden is really huge, and offers evocative perspectives with breathtaking views that will leave you speechless. The theatrical aspect is something that characterizes the French garden, showing how men can organize nature in shapes in order to create a work of art. Perspective is not the only thing that makes this garden so magnificent. The French garden is always full of flowers, used as decorative elements that give a touch of colour to the composition. Another fundamental element is water. In a French formal garden, water is often the protagonist of the scene, with fountains and small lakes.

French formal garden, a work of art to discover!

French style gardens are green areas with a great artistic value, which represent a priceless heritage. What are you waiting for? Plan a visit to the a French style garden near you and be ready to be overwhelmed by the beauty of such enchanting places!

Plan of a garden: the importance of keeping the balance

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Whoever works in the gardening field knows that planning the perfect garden requires a lot of experience, creativity, talent and a great amount of passion. As a matter of fact, planning a garden is something that may seem easy at first sight, but it’s not. Planning a garden with no experience at all may lead to results that are very different from those that we were expecting. Among all the aspects that an expert in garden planning has to take into consideration for the project to be successful, there’s the balance between the garden and the existing buildings or architectural elements.

Analyzing the space in order to enhance its beauty

A plan of a garden that doesn’t pay attention to the existing buildings that compose the space is not considering an extremely important element: balance. The balance between the garden and the artificial elements is the secret ingredient that will create a garden that enhances the space without compromising its importance. As a matter of fact, if you decide to create a garden it’s because you want to add beauty to the landscape and to give more value to the existing building. The garden, however, should not dominate everything else. On the contrary, it should be a sort of “green frame” for the existing elements. In this sense, balance means that the garden will embellish the artificial elements and vice versa.

The plan of a garden is like a work of art

Thanks to their talent, passion, and expertise, garden designers are able to find the equilibrium between nature and artificial elements so that one won’t prevail over the other. The aim is to create a pleasing balance between nature and buildings that will embellish the space. Garden designers can achieve this thanks to a careful analysis of the landscape, which will give them all the information they need in order to create a detailed plan of the garden.

Mowing your lawn the right way: some tips!

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We keep on saying it on our blog: if you want a beautiful and healthy lawn, constant maintenance is fundamental. Regular maintenance activities are essential if you want a luxuriant and flawless garden. If you don’t do regular maintenance, your garden will get out of hand and will become a real jungle! Mowing your lawn is part of these activities. In this post we are going to give your some useful tips, some simple rules that, if you follow them and apply them the correct way, will help you get a perfect lawn!

Some tips on how to mow the lawn

As we have said, lawn maintenance should be done on a regular basis. This is the first tip: to mow the lawn often, more than once a week. By mowing your lawn on a regular basis, grass will grow strong and luxuriant and the garden will always look perfect. On the contrary, if you mow the lawn only when the grass has grown excessively you will harm it, because you’ll run the risk of tearing off the roots and weaken the grass. Another tip is to change the mowing pattern. This is very important, as a matter of fact, if you follow the same pattern each time you mow the lawn, grass will lean towards the direction you mowed and won’t grow up upright. On the contrary, if you change the mowing pattern, the grass will grow upright, giving the lawn a more uniform aspect. Don’t mow the lawn when it is too dry or if the grass is wet.

Mowing your lawn the right way

Thanks to this simple tips on how to mow the lawn, your garden will always be healthy and luxuriant and will always look perfect! What are you waiting for? Put into practice our tips and mow your lawn the best way!

Plan a garden with an expert!

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Garden planning is a fundamental aspect in the process of garden creation, something you should take seriously into consideration if you want to create the garden of your dreams. As a matter of fact, if you don’t plan a garden carefully, that garden won’t be as you imagined it and you will need to later intervene, wasting time and money. As garden planning is a delicate and important activity, you should consider hiring an expert. As a matter of fact, an expert, thanks to his or her expertise, will examine the characteristics of the landscape and will create a project that will turn the garden of your dreams into reality.

Garden design companies

As we have seen, you really need to plan a garden if you want it to be exactly how you imagined it. A garden design company is what you need: garden planning experts will analyze the landscape and determine its main features and peculiarities. Then, they will create a proposal for the project with graphical simulations, so that the client can really see how the final result will be. Such simulations show how the garden will look once it’s finished, as they include also lighting, irrigation systems and other ornamental elements.

Plan a garden with the help of an expert

Garden planning is useful not only to understand how the garden will be, but also because it gives the client some important information, such as costs, how much it will take to create the garden, and the material needed. The final result of garden planning is an estimate that precedes the creation of the garden. If you are looking for a garden design company, you can contact us! We are an Italian company based in Florence with years of experience in garden creation. If you want more information about Atelier Dimensione Verde, just visit our website!

Landscape planning – discover our creative process!

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Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian landscaping company made of garden lovers. We are real garden enthusiasts and our work coincides with our passion. This is a necessary requisite if you want to be a garden designer: passion is what allows you to create a garden that will meet the client’s needs. We put all of our passion and expertise in each project, because we want our clients’ dreams to come true in the form of an amazing garden.

The creative process

The creative process of our landscape planning company is composed of 4 steps: listening, planning, creating, and maintenance activities. Listening is the most important step, because it allows us to understand what are the client’s needs and, as a consequence, it gives us all the information we need in order to create a garden which will satisfy those needs. We strive to create a direct and personal relationship with our clients, because this is the best way to understand them and be able to turn their dreams into reality. Once we have all the information we need, we can go on with garden planning, which includes graphical simulations. We will create a graphical simulation of the garden and then we will show it to the client and discuss it together to see if some changes are necessary. Once the project has been approved, we will go on with the third step, where our garden experts will use all their expertise, creativity and talent to create the garden. Last but not least, there are maintenance activities. Maintenance is extremely important if you want a healthy and beautiful garden throughout the year.

Looking for a landscape planning company? Contact us now!

If you are thinking about hiring an expert for the creation of your garden, you can contact us! Our staff of garden experts will be at your disposal and will work together with you in order to create a garden that will give a special touch to your house!