Garden landscape design: the art of planning a green space


Garden landscape design is the art of combining nature and the layout of an existing property, in order to create a welcoming and inviting environment by designing a green space with flower beds, ornamental grasses, fountains and garden statues. The fundamentals of garden landscape design include the layout of the hardscape and the horticultural requirements of the plants. The hardscape constitutes the built environment of the garden and includes walls, sidewalks, fountains and pools. The Horticultural requirements refer to the features of the plants such as size, lifespan, and speed of growth. Garden landscape design professionals combine these elements together, always taking into account the topographical features, such as slopes, to create an appealing garden that meets the needs and desires of the owners and users of the garden.

Who handles the task of garden landscape design?

Garden landscape design is done by professionals who have a vast knowledge of the principles of design as well as horticulture. In addition to this, they also have extensive expertise and great creativity. The landscape artisans must also possess skills in planting design, which requires aesthetic judgment and talent in design. Garden landscape design is not just a mechanical job, but an art that requires great talent, creativity and expertise.

Where to find garden landscape design services

Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company that designs, creates and maintains gardens and parks. We consider quality a fundamental aspect of our work, achieved thanks to the experience and comprehensive knowledge we have accrued over the years. We have a team of garden landscape design professionals dedicated to creating appealing and sensational gardens and parks for clients.

Welcome to our garden planning blog!


As a company, we have worked with hundreds of clients and helped them turning their visions into reality thanks to our team of gardening experts. We therefore have invaluable information on garden planning that we have gathered over the years – information that we will be happy to share with you on this blog. Expect a lot of interesting and helpful articles on garden design and garden maintenance, as well as garden decorating tips and do-it-yourself ideas. The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge on what we do best on a weekly basis, so that you can learn something new about the world of garden design every week.

Thematic areas

Garden planning is a really wide world and at Atelier Dimensione Verde we deal with almost every facet of it. For this reason, our blog posts will cover different themes including garden landscape design, garden maintenance and even garden decoration. You will also find interesting posts about the different types of gardens and their characteristics. Every now and then, we will post some of our projects, just to give you a sneak preview of our best creations. To put it simply, we are willing to create a comprehensive blog about garden planning and design to share our knowledge with you.

Our contributors

We have a great team of landscape artists who have not only acquired relevant training and certifications, but also have years of experience in garden landscaping. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise we have created this blog, where we hope you will find useful information about gardening and garden design from the point of view of a landscaping expert. This is a blogging platform so we will be keen to get your feedback in the comment section. We look forward to receiving your feedback!