Garden creation services: our turnkey projects

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Are you looking for professional garden creation services? Are you willing to hire an expert company for the creation of the garden of your dreams? You are on the right place! Atelier Dimensione Verde is an Italian company with years of experience in garden planning and creation. We work with passion and dedication on every project, because we really want our client’s dreams – even the most unusual ones – to come true in the form of a marvellous garden, in which they will find peace after a hard day at work. Thanks to our team of garden design experts, we can work on any project. We also offer maintenance and restoration services for green areas, both public and private.

A turnkey garden? Yes, with Atelier Dimensione Verde!

If you choose a company with a great experience in garden creation services like Atelier Dimensione Verde, you won’t have to worry about anything: a team of garden design experts will take care of your project, creating an awesome garden. It is a turnkey service, tailored on the client’s needs, that we are happy to offer to anyone willing to create the perfect garden for their house.

Garden creation services: listening is the secret ingredient!

Understanding what the client’s needs are is fundamental if we want to create the perfect garden. Listening is the secret ingredient of garden creation. As a matter of fact, a garden designer who does not listen to the client is bound to fail. We believe that listening has to lie at the basis of every single project. It is an important part of the whole process, something that allows us to identify what the client really wants. Thanks to this fundamental step of the process, we can collect all the information we need to create a customized project that will soon become a unique garden. If you need more information about Atelier Dimensione Verde, just visit our website!