Visiting Italian gardens in the summer of Expo 2015


Great news for garden lovers: we are proud to introduce you a very nice initiative that you will love for sure! Being the year of the Expo in Milan, the Grandi Giardini Italiani circuit has set up a special itinerary called “100 Italian Gardens for Expo 2015”, which features some of the best gardens and parks of Italy. The itinerary will take you through the enchanting gardens of 11 Italian regions and includes some of Italy’s most fascinating vegetable gardens and orchards.

When nature and art meet, a garden is born

The astonishing beauty of a great Italian villa’s park is something very hard to explain. The amazing pleasure of walking through art and nature, enjoying the changes in the landscape, the beauty of plants and flowers, the colors, the shapes, and the symmetries created by professional gardeners is something you have to experience at least once in your life. Visiting an Italian garden is like being midway between reality and dreams. Some examples? You can visit the gardens of the Reggia Reale of Venaria in Turin, those of the castle of Grazzano Visconti and the gardens of La Mortella on the isle of Ischia, just to name some.

Vegetable gardens, orchards and botanical gardens

Summer 2015 is a great chance to use your spare time to discover the green side of Italy, the eco-friendly Italy of vegetable gardens and orchards, which have been restructured for Expo. Together with Italy’s most charming botanical gardens, they are ready to receive tourists, who will discover the most characteristic gardens of our country, from Villa Taranto in Piedmont to Stigliano in Lazio, from Hanbury Gardens in Liguria to the Botanical Garden of the University of Catania. 100 Italian Gardens: 100 great chances to discover Italy from a different point of view.