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At Atelier Dimensione Verde we really love taking care of gardens and parks. We consider garden planning something more than just a job: it is our passion! Our team of landscape architects works hard to create marvellous masterpieces that make us really proud of what we do every day. It is very important for us to see how, thank to our efforts, nature becomes a work of art which embellishes the space with unique perspectives and atmospheres. Today we want to show you one of our projects: the garden and park of a hotel in Pistoia.

Nature is the main character

As you can see in the pictures, our landscape architects created a beautiful garden and a park for the hotel, two unique gems that give the space new hues and fragrances. Our garden planning experts studied the landscape in order to embellish it with the appropriate garden. One of the main features of the project is the marvellous pergola with roses, which introduces the guests into the olive tree park. The garden is awesome, too. There is a nice stone walkway that leads to a green area with wooden benches, where guests can relax and enjoy nature among wonderful flowerbeds and hedges.

Landscape architects on the blog by


Landscape architects – choose Atelier Dimensione Verde!

Do you want a garden like this for your hotel or private house? Then all you have to do is contact us! We are an Italian company with a great experience in garden creation. Our team of garden design experts will help you create the garden of your dreams. With our passion and expertise, we will create the perfect green space in which your guests, or your family and friends will enjoy summer evenings. If you need more information about our company, just visit our website, where you can find the pictures of our best projects!