Landscape architecture design for your garden



Atelier Dimensione Verde is a landscape architecture design company whose main aim is to design beautiful landscape settings to help customers realize the full potential of their property. Thanks to our experience in landscape design, we are able to create the perfect garden for each client, according to their needs.

Landscape architecture design for your garden

Our lives are hectic due to the relentless demands of our busy work schedule. After a busy day at work, we need a proper environment that calms the mind and allows full restoration of our energy levels. Our homes and outdoor spaces are suited to fulfill these needs, but sadly, most of them do not. The question is: do you want to make the most out of your garden? If the answer is yes, we will be happy to help you plan a vibrant and diverse landscape setting for your home and then provide you with the technical know-how that is necessary to bring your environment to life. Upgrading the landscape of your home by developing outdoor spaces for entertainment and relaxing is a great way of increasing the home’s value.


Design options

There are many landscape architecture design options you can consider when upgrading your backyard, front yard or the entire piece of land. In the backyard, we can develop an area for the entertainment of friends and family. This area can also include an outdoor kitchen and a pool. We can also develop a garden that attracts wildlife, allowing you to reflect and relax. In the front yard, we can create a beautiful walkway or an eco-friendly garden. The possibilities are endless due to our limitless creativity. Our landscape design services are perfect for clients who are planning on creating their dream gardens. We use our passion and our expertise to create a design that meets all the needs. We also offer solutions for older gardens that are beginning to look outdated and out of place to make them good as new. The pictures in this post show one of our projects, a wonderful garden for a villa in the hills near Florence.