Rolls of turf, why not!

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Rolls of turf are a practical and quick solution for everyone who wants to have a perfect lawn in their garden in no time, without having to sow grass seeds and wait until the grass grows. Ideal for private gardens, but also for big parks, rolled turf is a great choice with an interesting price/quality ratio. With rolled turf you will be able to save a considerable amount of time and limit the work which is needed to achieve the lawn.

Characteristics of rolled turf

If you are skeptical about using rolls of turf for your garden as an alternative to traditional sowing methods, probably you think we are talking about artificial turf. Rolled turf is natural and is cultivated for a year or more. Only when the grass has reached the ideal height the lawn is cut, rolled up and delivered to the buyer, ready to be laid on the soil. For a homogeneous and regular lawn, you will have to hoe the soil in order to prepare it. This is just a little work if you compare it with traditional sowing. Furthermore, as the grass is already one year old, you can lay it down whenever you want, not only in spring or autumn.

Rolls of turf and maintenance

Once you have laid the turf on your garden, you will just have to wait some days before you can step on the grass. During the first weeks, you will have to water the grass frequently. Then, when the lawn will take roots, you will diminish the frequency. Obviously, you will have to cut the grass regularly, just like you would do with a common lawn. If you want more information about rolls of turf, you can contact us! An expert will be happy to give you all the information you need!